Because of MyCase This Immigration Law Firm Is More Efficient and Productive Than Ever

We recently spoke with MyCase customers Vi Nanthaveth  and Catherine Gonzales of Nanthaveth & Associates, an Austin-based immigration law firm. They shared how the firm now has the bandwidth to meet up to 15 new clients per day with the help of MyCase. Here are some highlights from the video.


Vi Nanthaveth: We are a comprehensive immigration law office. When we were still learning the system, and implementing new things into the office, we were meeting with about seven to eight people a day. Of course, the the goal is to meet with as many people as you can in order to help more folks. One of the things that we were able to use MyCase for was streamlining our client intake.

Catherine Gonzales: When I first started, we had to email the contract, and then the client had to print, sign, scan and send it back to me. With e-signature, I email the contract, add initials on every page and the signature line, and then send it to that person. It comes back the same day. That makes me able to close more cases just because I have more time.

When MyCase came out with e-signature, that was a game changer. That truly streamlines what I do.

Vi Nanthaveth: The way we did intake in the past was that we would have our prospects show up on the day of intake and then we actually sit them down and have them fill out the intake form.

Catherine Gonzales: MyCase came out with an intake form and I was able to create a Spanish intake form and an English intake form. All I have to do now is send it to a client, whether in a text message or an email, and they get this link with the form.

Vi Nanthaveth: They click on the link, they set up the profile, and then it’s done.

MyCase has been amazing as far as being able to send the intake form ahead of time. And that saves us so much time.

Catherine Gonzales: We have hundreds of cases and hundreds of clients. We get hundreds of prospects every single month. So we are able to tackle that in a timely manner because of MyCase and because of how organized it is.

Because in MyCase we’ve seen such a growth in the business literally going from meeting three to four people a day to meeting 15 people each day.

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