Announcing the MyCase Dropbox Integration!

MyCase is excited to announce that our customers can now link their Dropbox account to MyCase! This new integration allows MyCase users to seamlessly enjoy the benefits of Dropbox, such as offline access, instant editing, and collaboration, within their MyCase account.

With this new integration, you’re able to:

  • Access relevant case documents anywhere, anytime
    You can now view, download, and edit case-related documents offline through Dropbox
  • Edit documents instantly
    Using native Dropbox functionality, you can can make document edits that are instantly reflected in MyCase
  • Share documents and collaborate within your office
    Dropbox’s built in sharing can be leveraged so that you can collaborate with multiple firm members simultaneously

Once synced, any documents and folders that are added to a specific case folder in Dropbox will also be immediately available within the corresponding case in MyCase. And, within MyCase, our customers will be able to download, as well as open documents, to which they have access via Dropbox Online.

Here’s how it works:

After you’ve integrated your Dropbox account with MyCase, all of your open cases in MyCase will have a Dropbox folder, which contain all of the files/folders that are stored in Dropbox for that case.

Clicking into the Dropbox folder will show the files stored in Dropbox. By clicking on the Dropbox icon next to a document, you’re able to open the document in Dropbox Online for easy viewing and editing!

Documents can be accessed in both the desktop-installed or online versions of Dropbox for easy editing. Any edits to documents are immediately accessible from within MyCase!

Think your firm can use a document management overhaul? Then login to MyCase and sync your Dropbox and MyCase accounts today!

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