A MyCase Practice: Benjamin Sanchez | Houston, Texas Litigation and Collections Attorney

Case Study

As often happens in life, we end up where we’re supposed to be. Benjamin Sanchez’s path to his current law practice is a great example of this idea in action.

The path to satisfaction

After taking a career test in high school, Benjamin knew he wanted to practice law and always had aspirations to be a litigator, which he now is. But his firm also has a strong collections law focus, something he never expected. As he explains, he came upon this area of practice out of happenstance: “No one grows up thinking they’ll be a collections lawyer. I happened into collections when I was an associate for a small law firm. Our firm did a favor for an out-of-town firm by taking on an appearance docket of collection cases. I ended up with the docket and the client liked my work. After deciding to permanently expand into Texas, the client asked our firm to take on the responsibility of being regional counsel, with the caveat that I handle the docket. After the senior partner declined due to an unwillingness to take on such a large caseload, the client asked if I would open my own firm. After discussing it with the senior partner who gave me his blessing, I opened up my own firm in 2007. Its primary focus was collections litigation with that client as my anchor client.”

The “practice” of law is a constant learning process

Although he has no regrets, it wasn’t easy starting his own law firm from scratch. Benjamin already knew how to practice law, but quickly realized that he had little knowledge about the day-to-day aspects of running a law firm. This was something he had to learn on the fly: “I wish I’d had more practical advice about running a business and managing a practice. I didn’t know much about good systems for managing my practice and I didn’t know how to run a business.”

Fortunately, Benjamin has always been comfortable with technology and has been able to make this work to his advantage. Unlike some attorneys, he enjoyed learning about the different options available to him: “I am technology savvy, so I try to take advantage of technology and I’ve tried to learn as much about computers as possible for productivity and efficiency. I know more than most, but I know my limitations. That’s why I realized early on how valuable case management software could be.”

Finding the right law practice management solution for his firm

It wasn’t easy finding a law practice management system that worked for his firm’s needs. According to Benjamin, he thoroughly researched his options and tested out a number of traditional and cloud-based law practice management systems before settling on MyCase: “I tried several traditional software programs, including Time Matters, Abacus, and Amicus Attorney, but soon realized the value of moving to a cloud-based system. I tried one of the more well known cloud-based programs for a while, but when MyCase came out, I switched right away because I saw that MyCase’s intuitive platform made it easier for the client to understand and engage and was perfect for keeping the client informed.”

 MyCase facilitates client communication and satisfaction

For Benjamin’s firm, MyCase is the best law practice management solution available. And, it’s the MyCase communications portal that makes all the difference. Through it, he’s able to securely and easily communicate with co-counsel and his clients. The portal empowers his clients, allowing them to keep up with their cases on their own time, alleviating  the need to write and send formal status reports, thus saving time and resulting in happier clients: “Part of my practice is appearing in court for other attorneys and firms. MyCase makes keeping track of those appearances and communicating results to those firms and attorneys easy. The same is true for many of my clients. I am able to load the documents online, keep up with the calendar, message clients without going through e-mail, and generally have a one-stop shop for my cases.”

It’s all about making a difference

Practicing law is Benjamin’s way of making a difference, both for his clients and the community at large. That’s why his firm’s motto is: “To serve our clients, judicial system, and community with excellence, integrity, and compassion.”

For Benjamin, it’s about the greater good and he makes it a point to remind his staff of that overarching goal: “I always tell myself and my employees that we do more than just serve our clients. We have a duty and responsibility to serve our judicial system and community in general. Whatever we do, we must do it with excellence, integrity, and compassion.”
-Nicole Black
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