Webinar Recap:
Tips for Automating Your Law Practice

Is managing the day-to-day of your law firm like pushing a boulder up an increasingly steep hill? You certainly wouldn’t be the first to feel that way. Practice demands are tough, especially in the digital age. Clients want more for less, and as a result running an efficient law practice is more important than ever. Automating tasks can help you save time, reduce mistakes, enhance client service, and improve your bottom line (and maybe even get you out of the office early).

In this webinar presentation, Deputy Director of Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers Heidi Alexander revealed simple tools and tricks to help implement automation into your document management, appointment scheduling, and other processes to boost your efficiency week after week.

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4:22 – A Chicken With its Head Cut Off

If not managed properly, the competing demands of a lawyer’s day to day compound into a Gordian knot of loss and inefficiency.

14:36 – Document Automation

How simple solutions like Microsoft Quickparts and textexpander can cut hours out of the time you spend drafting documents each and every week.

25:20 – Creating Document Templates

Still duplicating sensitive documents to use as templates for new client forms? Microsoft Word’s template feature and document writer remove the risk of unintentionally divulging privileged information.

29:26 – The Scheduling Conundrum, Solved

Think about how many times you’ve participated in an endless game of email tag to schedule ONE meeting or consultation. Solutions like Calendly alleviate the maddening back and forth for good.

32:17 – Intake to Engagement

Most lawyers don’t think in terms of sales and conversions, but they should. Find out how workflows eliminate potential hangups when attracting and engaging new clients.

38:15: Client Communication

Poor client communication frequently tops the list of bar complaints. Microsoft Outlook and cloud-based solutions can help you bridge the gap.

45:38: Marketing

Marketing often falls to the wayside in practice management. By automating it with these simple tools, you can knock out this pivotal prospecting process with minimal effort.

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