Because We're Happy!

At MyCase we understand that a positive work environment coupled with a creative and talented team is the key to success. We love what we do, and it shows. That is why we decided to capture a behind-the-scenes video of the energy, creativity and fun that is a staple of the MyCase team, and is sure to make you smile.

We caught up with MyCase Marketing Manager Julie Scotland to get the scoop on the inspiration and meaning behind the Happy Video:

What was the inspiration behind the Happy Video?

Our VP of Marketing fell in love with the Pharrell Happy Video and asked if we thought it would be a fun project during Hack Day. I loved the idea and pulled together a few friends from Marketing to help me organize the shoot. I am so glad we did it; we had an incredible time dancing and laughing with our colleagues.

You created this video as a project for Hack Day. Can you tell us more about Hack Day and why it’s a tradition at MyCase?

Hack Day is an event MyCase supports in which our entire company has a chance to create innovative technology and/or systems and projects of our choosing during a 24 hour period. This started out as an engineering event but now includes members from all departments. I am always impressed with the quality of the finished products at the end of the event – we have site updates, new features, business ideas, internal perks (someone built a wine rack – finally – and company collaboration site this hack day) and even “happy” videos with our CEO dancing on the roof!

How many people participated in Hack Day?

We partnered with our parent company AppFolio for the main event and this was our biggest Hack Day yet. Over 85% of MyCase employees participated. Our entire engineering team participated along with individuals from Marketing, Customer Success, and Sales.

I asked Matt Spiegel (MyCase Founder) why he loves Hack Day and he responded: “We believe in innovation and creativity. Nothing promotes that more than giving our outstanding engineers 24 hours to create anything they choose.”

What do you think this video conveys about the people and culture at MyCase?

The video hits MyCase culture right on the nose. It is a flexible, educational, and warm work environment filled with talented, fun-loving people who make coming to work a highlight of my day! And apparently, we all have great dance moves too.

So, what makes you happy (besides working at MyCase)?

My husband and family, my puppy Blue, living in sunny Santa Barbara. And dancing around the office for 24 hours!

Without further ado, MyCase presents The Happy Video:

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