Building Trust

How do I know I can trust my firm to MyCase?

Never lose another night of sleep worrying about data security and compliance.

Your peers at over 15,000 law firms rest easy with trusted features that ensure financial and data security compliance.

We’re here for you 24/7. We’ve done it for over a decade—and we’re not stopping now.

Serving Clients

How does MyCase help me better serve my clients?

Your clients know you have legal chops. But when you deliver a client-centered experience by streamlining onboarding, enhancing communication, and offering easy online payments, that takes you from good to great. And we’re here to ensure that consistently happens.

Hitting Goals

How will MyCase help my firm reach its goals?

Imagine if you could focus on the work you want to do instead of the work you have to do—all while growing your firm. Get equipped with tools that improve workflows, boost payments, and provide the financial insights to make the most informed business decisions. We help you scale your firm with confidence.