Top 8 Legal AI Companies to Watch in 2024

By Gabriela Jhean

Over the past decade, artificial intelligence (AI) has become a transformative force in the legal industry. From the initial adoption of digital workflows in SaaS platforms to the cutting-edge capabilities of generative AI, legal AI is evolving at an unprecedented pace. This evolution is reshaping the fundamentals of how legal professionals operate, and knowing how to leverage these tools is critical to navigating the future.

Join us as we reveal the top legal AI companies trailblazing the way to a more efficient and successful 2024 and beyond. These companies represent the forefront of innovation, pushing the boundaries of what AI can achieve in the legal field. 

1. MyCase

MyCase is the leading case management software designed for legal professionals. Its platform offers a range of features to improve the overall efficiency and productivity of law firms. Its latest development, MyCase IQ, infuses AI into lawyers’ daily workflows with thoughtfully designed tools. 

Here are a few of our favorite ways to use it:

  • Ask AI to create text summaries that are easily understood by everyone. Whether you’re emailing a client or communicating with opposing counsel, text summaries allow you to share important details in a clear, concise manner. 
  • Improve your writing and tone of voice in any text communications. Accept edit suggestions to create error-free text and ask for a change in tone of voice to tailor each message to its recipient.  
  • [COMING SOON] Communicate with international clients by using automatic language translation. MyCase IQ can translate English into several languages, making communication a breeze with your international clients. 
  • [COMING SOON] Quickly generate document summaries that display right in MyCase. This time-saving tool helps you scan a document’s contents without having to open each one and search for the relevant information.

By leveraging MyCase IQ, you can benefit from the best legal AI software while seamlessly integrating with the rest of your case management workflows.  

How to Get Started With MyCase:

Visit the MyCase website to explore its product offerings and new AI features. You can also schedule a demo to experience the software firsthand and see how it can improve operational efficiency at your firm.

2. is an AI-powered virtual receptionist and chatbot service designed specifically for legal professionals. Their virtual receptionists can handle phone calls, live chat conversations, and appointment scheduling. utilizes AI technology to automate receptionist tasks and ensure seamless customer communications. Their AI-powered chatbot can handle common inquiries, provide information about your services, and even schedule appointments. The chatbot is designed to sound natural and human-like, providing an interactive and personalized experience for your website visitors.

How to Get Started With

Visit the website to learn more about how AI can take care of your customers while you focus on high-value tasks. You can also read their case studies to see how other firms are using their technology.

3. Clearbrief

Clearbrief is a cutting-edge legal AI company that streamlines legal writing and document management. It allows you to upload your factual documents via e-discovery and case management systems to generate hyperlinked citations.

The platform leverages AI-powered technology to expedite fact-checking, saving valuable time and effort. It also employs advanced AI algorithms to spot fake cases, identify factual weaknesses in arguments, and detect mistakes within legal documents. 

Clearbrief has received renowned accolades in the legal tech industry, including the 2023 Litigation Product of the Year at Legalweek and the 2022 Legalweek Leaders in Tech Company of the Year.

How to Get Started With Clearbrief:

For more information about how Clearbrief can transform your legal writing, visit their website at

4. LawToolBox

LawTool Box has been around for over 25 years and provides automated calendaring solutions for law firms and legal departments. Their award-winning tools integrate with Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams to streamline workflows and manage deadlines, emails, files, and more.

With LawToolBox, you can use AI to extract deadlines from handwritten orders and legal documents and then sync them with popular calendar applications like Outlook, Google, and Apple. Their solutions ensure accurate scheduling and reduce the risk of missed deadlines.

How to Get Started With LawToolBox:

To automate your legal calendaring, you can learn more at the LawToolBox website or sign up for a free trial

5. Case Status

Case Status is mobile client engagement software designed for law firms. It aims to simplify client engagement and improve client communications through the Case Status mobile app.

With Case Status, law firms can leverage their mobile software to ensure seamless client collaboration. The software offers a range of features, such as real-time case updates, secure messaging, and document sharing. Their latest venture, Casey AI, is the first and only AI designed to help with legal client engagement. 

Casey AI is like a 24/7 staff member who knows the ins and outs of your firm. It’s trained on your firm’s data to generate the ideal response to client messages. It enhances its responses daily by using insights from your website, messages, and team feedback.

How to Get Started With Case Status:

You can demo Casey AI or get in touch with their team via chat on the Case Status website

6. EsquireTek

EsquireTek leverages AI to automate legal discovery processes. Their platform is ideal for trial lawyers, litigation firms, and corporate legal teams. 

With EsquireTek’s legal AI features, users can benefit from document automation, which scans and extracts discovery questions in just 60 seconds. The platform also offers 1-Click Objections, making it easy to add, edit, and customize objections with a single click. 

In addition to these features, EsquireTek enables users to obtain client verifications and serve opposing counsel electronically through their Verifications & E-Serve capability. 

How to Get Started With EsquireTek:

To get started with EsquireTek’s AI-powered legal discovery automation platform, visit the EsquireTek website for more information on their service or request a demo.

7. is an AI-powered technology designed to help lawyers streamline document review processes and analyze case data. The platform can generate document summaries from various file types, including PDFs, images, docx, xls, and scanned files. It also allows for AI-assisted analysis that works alongside legal teams and quickly provides insights and answers to specific questions about case documents.

Overall, makes fact-finding more manageable with AI-generated answers sourced directly from case documents.

How to Get Started With

Visit the website to learn more about how you can reduce your case review time. They also offer a 1-week free trial

8. Briefpoint

Briefpoint specializes in developing AI-powered litigation solutions. The platform automates repetitive aspects of drafting legal documents, particularly discovery documents, to expedite the process and improve efficiency. It leverages AI to suggest and write tailored content, such as Requests for Admission, Requests for Production, and Interrogatories.

With its user-friendly interface and features designed to meet the unique needs of litigators, Briefpoint is well-positioned to revolutionize the way legal documents are drafted and improve productivity in the legal industry.

How to Get Started With Briefpoint:

If you’re interested in learning more about Briefpoint and its services, you can visit their website at or schedule a demo.

Invest in a More Intelligent Future

The legal landscape is undeniably shifting, and the future belongs to those who embrace innovation. Long-standing legal tech AI companies and legal AI startups are at the forefront of this transformation, offering solutions that streamline processes, enhance accuracy, and empower legal professionals.

By incorporating these intelligent tools into your workflow, you can gain a competitive edge and unlock a future of greater efficiency and productivity. So, take a step toward a more intelligent legal practice explore the solutions offered by the leading legal AI companies we’ve highlighted, and watch your practice soar.

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