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Weitz Morgan, PLLC
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A Bit of Backstory

Founded in 2006, Weitz Morgan, PLLC is a boutique firm focusing on civil litigation and government contracts. The firm "offers a complete range of litigation and business services to clients, which makes it ideally suited for both large and small businesses." When choosing a software, they wanted an all-in one solution that tracked their time, built their invoices, and allowed their clients to pay online.

Switching to MyCase

"MyCase helps us to make more money because we can capture time more efficiently," says Kristi Aronica-Morgan, the founder and managing partner of Weitz Morgan. She added, "It has made billing exceptionally easier. It takes just about an hour or so to do the billing. Before it took much longer. With online payments, we get paid faster and it saves us from having to make deposit trips to the bank."

Why MyCase?

Kristi and her firm are putting their clients β€” and their own efficiency β€” first by taking full advantage of the MyCase Client Portal. Many of her clients are introduced to the firm's secure portal as soon as they start a case. "I send them an email once they execute the client agreement telling them a client portal welcome email is on the way. Then, we enable their access," says Kristi.

Switching to MyCase

The clients love paying online, and we do too. We get paid faster and it saves us from having to make deposit trips to the bank.

Attorney Kristi Aronica-Morgan
Founder and Managing Partner, Weitz Morgan, PLLC

The ability to provide each client a client portal instead of using email allows Weitz Morgan to easily and securely share messages, documents, and invoices. Your documents and invoices are secure, but it also means that your client feels up to date on their case. "Our clients love being able to communicate with us, see calendar events, and see and pay their invoices" says Kristi. Using the firm's portal also allows the attorneys to easily keep tabs on every case and contact without a frantic search through their inbox. "It's nice because an entire matter file is in one place, particularly the billing and payments. In addition to being able to see and pay their invoices, they can also see the calendar which is where we docket everything. It's particularly helpful for litigation clients."

Switching to MyCase

We love our website. It's exactly what we wanted.

Attorney Kristi Aronica-Morgan
Founder and Managing Partner, Weitz Morgan, PLLC

Why a MyCase Website?

Weitz Morgan has a professional, modern law firm website integrated with the MyCase Client Portal so their clients have a cohesive experience β€” from finding the firm online to logging in and viewing their invoices through a branded portal. "We love our website," says Kristi. The firm blogs regularly, and cares about having a strong online presence to get new clients in the door. "The blog is easy to use and integrates with our site, so we get a lot of inquiries from clients who find the blog and then the website."


We asked Kristi how MyCase helps in her day to day, what she thinks about her website, and what she would tell other MyCase users or other attorneys considering a move to the cloud.

Switching to MyCase

What about MyCase makes it easy to use for you? What makes it easy to use for your clients?

For us, the interface is easy and well-organized. We love that we get paid faster, and MyCase makes dealing with A/R more efficient. For clients, it's the billing and payments options. With all the time we save on that, we're able to focus on marketing our firm and actually practicing law.

What is your #1 piece of advice to a new MyCase customer?

Use the billing and built-in online payment system. Clients love it– it makes life much easier for them.

What would you say to attorneys who are currently looking for a solution like MyCase?

I've been so pleased with MyCase. I have two colleagues who are starting a practice soon, and I have been selling them on MyCase. Your clients will love it. It makes life much easier for them, too. To the folks at MyCase, keep doing what you're doing!

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