Choosing The Right Legal Research Tools For Your Law Firm [eBook]

legal research ebookJust a few decades ago, legal research was conducted using books, books, and more books. Have times ever changed! These days you have more options than ever. Some are free, some aren’t. Some are all inclusive, others are limited to a particular jurisdiction or type of information. Some are accessible using a computer, others can be accessed using an app on your smartphone.

There are a variety of choices available to you and the online legal research landscape is always changing.* Sometimes it can be hard to make the right choice for your law firm. How do you know which legal research tools will work best for your needs? You can start by reading the latest chapter from our ebook, “The Pocket Guide to Launching Your Law Firm.”

In this chapter, Choosing The Right Legal Research Tool For Your Law Firm, you’ll learn about all of the different online legal research tools. This chapter, written by Lisa Solomon, a freelance attorney who assists solos and small firms with all their legal research and writing needs and is also a nationally-known author and speaker, offers an in depth look at the different legal research tools available today.

Download your free copy today and start learning everything you need to know to help you choose the right legal research tools for your law practice!

*For example, just this week, Fastcase, one of the popular legal research platforms covered in this ebook announced that it acquired LoisLaw, another platform also discussed.

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