MyCase, Inc. Improves Attorney-Client Communications With First Law Practice Management Mobile App To Include Portal For Legal Clientele

With this announcement MyCase continues to find innovative technology solutions that dramatically improve attorney-client communication and allow legal professionals to focus on running a more successful practice.

San Diego, CA – April 02, 2013 – Today, web-based law practice management software company MyCase, Inc. announces their new mobile application that extends into the legal client space. Until now, no other legal practice management software has created a mobile app with a separate portal directed toward lawyers’ clients.

There are 1.3 million licensed attorneys in the United States, 89% of those attorneys reported using a smartphone for law-related tasks while away from their primary workplace. In a recent survey conducted by MyCase to law practice management software users, they asked, "What do lawyers need when on-the-go?" Over 30% of responders said client communications and messaging were their top priority.

MyCase Founder and General Manager, Matt Spiegel saw this as a great opportunity, "Our practice management customers appreciate the client portal we’ve built within our solution. This app is another way their clients can streamline communications - It’s a win-win for both our customers and the people they represent."

Since being recently acquired by Santa Barbara headquartered SaaS vertical solutions company, AppFolio, MyCase has nearly tripled in size in less than six months. The increase in workforce and resources has enabled the company to focus on developing this trendsetting client-based solution for smartphones and tablets.

"MyCase was built with our customers in mind. With our new mobile app our customers and their clients can stay flexible and in touch in almost any circumstance. We’re making the communication process so easy."

In addition to the mobile client portal, the app’s attorney portal will provide calendaring, timekeeping, billing, along with access to matters, documents, messages, and contacts. As law practice management software continues to take over the legal industry, MyCase is setting trends in the legal technology sector and is emerging as a leader in this rapidly growing market. The company will be unveiling the new product at ABA Techshow 2013 in Chicago, Illinois on April 4th. Learn more at

About MyCase
MyCase, web-based practice management software for lawyers, was built to address the number one complaint across all State Bar Associations; insufficient attorney/client communication. MyCase was founded in 2010, and was acquired in 2012 by AppFolio, the leading provider of web-based software for vertical markets. AppFolio's cloud based software is used by thousands of small and mid-sized businesses to improve their workflow so they save time and make more money.

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