Happy Customers

  • MyCase has everything I need.

    Erin Levine

    Now, my entire practice has moved to the cloud, which has made it much cheaper and far easier to manage my practice. I love MyCase and find myself referring it to other lawyers all the time.

    Erin Levine, Levine Law Group, LLP
  • My clients love MyCase. Many of them log in every day.

    Craig Greening

    I leave them notes about the status of their case and they feel up to date instead of neglected. Because my clients know what’s going on every step of the way, they call less frequently. So, MyCase makes it easier for both me and my assistant.

    Craig Greening, The Law Office of Craig Greening, P.C.
  • We chose MyCase because we thought that it was the easiest to use.

    Josh Camson

    MyCase was the most fluid and we could use it immediately–there was no learning curve.

    Josh Camson,
  • Each of my clients feels like they are my only client.

    Mark E. Brenner

    In California you can get sanctioned by the Bar for not adequately communicating with your client. That risk has been virtually eliminated with MyCase because my clients are always notified whenever I work on a case. As a result, each of my clients feels like they are my only client–and it’s all because of MyCase.

    Mark Brenner, Law office of Mark E. Brenner
  • The MyCase portal is phenomenal.

    Mark Metzger

    It has driven everything to that one location, which has dramatically reduced phone calls. Clients just sign in to get up to speed. They don’t have to call and ask where the closing is because they get the information right from MyCase, including access to Google maps, which tells them exactly where to go.

    Mark Metzger, Law Office of Mark C. Metzger
  • The learning process was simple.

    Jonathan Becker

    I tried a bunch of the leading cloud law practice management programs. The others had a steep learning curve which was daunting. With MyCase - it’s easy . . . the learning process was simple. I could tell right away what I needed to do to accomplish my goals.

    Jonathan Becker, Jonathan C. Becker, Attorney at Law, P.A.
  • MyCase continues to listen.

    Melissa Brown

    My consultant and I tested a number of cloud-based programs and chose MyCase. I liked its intuitive interface, and I really like how receptive the company was to my questions, suggestions and ideas . . . They took my firm and me seriously. It was obvious they valued our business, and it was refreshing that they not only listened to my ideas and suggestions but they also implemented several of them.

    Melissa Brown, Melissa F. Brown, LLC
  • MyCase provides the flexibility we need.

    For me and my staff, the ability to access the program from any location is a huge plus, since my paralegal works on a contract basis and I sometimes need to contact her about a case when she is at another location. The program provides the flexibility we need as a small, growing firm, while providing the services we wanted to find but had been priced out of in programs aimed at larger firms . . . This is a program that will grow with us.

    Tammy W. Akers, Law Firm of Tammy W. Akers, LLC

  • The biggest impact as a whole is how it has improved client communication and relationship.

    The client [has] greater confidence in the work we do for them because they can easily see what's going on. Before clients didn't know the flow of correspondence, motions, discovery, etc. that went on in a case. Now they know that's not true. It's freed me from my briefcase and lugging files. The only thing I take with me to court now is my iPad. It's very cool. I'm the envy of all my peers.

    Will Worsham, Worsham & Masters

  • We are quite pleased with MyCase, especially with the most recent invoicing upgrade.

    I am a big proponent of using technology to address the most mundane but necessary tasks in our practice. We used many time, billing, and management softwares (in upward of $15,000 . . . ) through the years. We are quite pleased with MyCase, especially with the most recent invoicing upgrade, as I can quickly monitor which client needs to be billed, see my trust account balance and get the client to share and download the documents themselves . . . without bothering us! Keep up the good work.

    Edisson Seropian, Seropian & Messropian LLP

  • The clients LOVE this new line of communication! It's really helped streamline our office communication.

    BEFORE MyCase: The attorney was unorganized and unable to keep up with emails, phone calls and general follow-up with clients. I spent more time as his legal assistant following up with the attorney and making sure he followed up with clients correspondence. AFTER MyCase: I feel like communication with our clients is so much more streamlined and organized now that we are using MyCase. It's so easy to follow up now with not only clients, but with the attorney to make sure he is communicating when he needs to be. I can log in and see whether the attorney has actually emailed or answered client questions by just checking the client files on MyCase. I don't have to ask anymore . . . did you do this, did you do that? I just check Mycase and I know exactly what is going on 24/7. The clients LOVE this new line of communication! It's really helped streamline our office communication and I feel that we are on the right path for getting things organized within this 'old school' law office.

    Michele LaBare, Law Office of Frank L. LaBare
  • MyCase has been a great help to my practice. It is easy to use. It is extremely convenient.

    I can input time wherever I am because it is cloud based. That in turn has allowed me to capture more of my billable time. The software also allows me to easily create invoices and take down payments. I can do it myself without the need for support staff.

    Esperanza C. Anderson, Law Office Of Esperanza Cervantes Anderson

  • The MyCase program really impressed me.

    I am a small firm lawyer with extremely limited tech skills and even less patience for tech learning obligations. I want to practice law, not computing. In this context, the MyCase program really impressed me.

    Christine McCall, Attorney At Law

  • MyCase truly allows my firm to operate as one of the "big guys" without spending the money to do it.

    As a small firm, I have to watch my overhead, while at the same time, utilizing software that allows for efficient and effective case management. Such is the beauty of MyCase. MyCase allows my firm to run at peak performance levels, while being cost-effective.
 Before MyCase, case management was a problem for me. If, for instance, I wanted to review documents with a client, I would have to locate that client's file, and go through the process of contacting the client, hoping that they are free when I am free, and waiting until that appointment to actually review the document. Now, I am able to accomplish all of that as easily as sending an email.

    Jeff Simpson, The Simpson Law Office, Inc.
  • In the end, we decided on MyCase.

    Josh Camson,

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