Our Story

MyCase, web-based practice management software for lawyers, was built to address the number one complaint across all State Bar Associations... insufficient attorney/client communication.

Successful legal professionals all over the world rely on MyCase every day to stay incredibly organized, easily communicate and collaborate with their clients while simultaneously managing and growing their practice.  Because MyCase offers legal practice management in the cloud, lawyers can work from anywhere at anytime significantly increasing productivity. 

MyCase was founded in 2010 by attorney Matt Spiegel, Alex Dikowski, and Chris Schulte.  In October 2012 MyCase was acquired by AppFolio,  the leading provider of web-based software for vertical markets. AppFolio's cloud based software is used by thousands of small and mid-sized businesses to improve their workflow so they save time and make more money. The MyCase founding team remains in place and runs the day to day operations of MyCase.

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