MyCase Case Study

Rania Combs Law

Rania Combs is no stranger to innovation. Though Combs lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, she serves Texas-based clients through her solo online practice, Rania Combs Law. Founded in 2009, the Web-based firm's unconventional nature is at the heart of her mission to address the legal needs of busy clients — particularly on-the-go professionals and families — despite any time and financial constraints they face. Combs specializes in helping Texans prepare wills, trusts and estate plans online, providing high-quality legal services outside of regular business hours and without the additional overhead costs of traditional brick-and-mortar law firms.

Innovative Solutions Needed for a Forward-Thinking Practice

As a solo attorney with an exclusively Web-based practice, Combs' success is dependent on the effectiveness of her management software. When her former platform, Total Attorneys, discontinued its document upload and storage capabilities, Combs was spurred to search for a legal management system that better suited her practice's digital needs. Because convenient communication, efficiency and affordability are her firm's major selling points, she sought a management system that mirrored the flexible service she offers her clients.

Combs' software wish list included a secure portal, an intuitive user interface and the ability to upload and store documents in the cloud. Because she was using several disconnected systems, she was forced to list different events and conferences on separate sites. She knew that her ideal software would provide an all-in-one resource with full calendar integration.

Combs began researching the top legal management software platforms on the market. After weighing their merits, Combs determined that MyCase was the best product for her practice's unique needs. Among the qualities that set MyCase apart, she especially valued features that fostered efficient communication and document management – such as the ability to link more than one client to a case. The platform's capacity to back up case files also provided a sense of security.

"Out of all the solutions I looked into, MyCase was the best fit," she said.

A Streamlined Transition and Pleased Clients

Combs credits the smooth transition from the Total Attorneys platform to MyCase's outstanding customer service. "Everyone has been very helpful, walking me through the interface, reviewing how the features work and setting up the calendar integration. I always get an answer to my questions. It's been a very pleasant experience and the support team is incredible."

Combs noticed an immediate boost in her practice's efficiency after implementing MyCase. Because the platform enables her to integrate calendars on one system and upload documents securely, the chaos of her former multiple systems has been eradicated. The fact that all emails link back to the system and provide a record she and her clients can assess anytime – including timestamps to track when messages were sent – has also provided a new level of clarity.

Combs was especially thrilled with her clients' reactions. "Clients tested it out and really liked it. They thought the interface was intuitive and easy to use, which saved me time since they didn't need to contact me as much with questions about the interface."

MyCase's payment processing system has been another boon for Combs. Under the management platform she used prior to MyCase, there was a separate charge for payment processing in addition to transaction fees, and it often took days to receive compensation. "Now I get it the next day as long as payments are made before 7 p.m.," she noted. "That's a huge benefit."


Since Combs began using MyCase in early December 2013, the solutions it offers have exceeded her high expectations. As a cloud-based platform, MyCase's communication tools and client portals ensure that Combs' all-digital practice gives clients the best customer service possible. The upsurge in efficiency has allowed Combs to shift her efforts from administrative tasks to the core of her clients' legal matters.

Results include:

  • Increased efficiency
  • Opportunity for future practice growth
  • Flexibility for Combs and her clients
  • Streamlined client communication
  • Enhanced client satisfaction
  • Digital convenience for remote clients

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