MyCase Case Study

Britton Tuma

With 50 years of experience between them, Michael S. Britton and Shawn E. Tuma have never been content with the status quo for their boutique business law firm. Focusing on transactional, litigation, technology and general counseling services, they have continued to adapt to the ever-changing business environment and keep innovation at the forefront of their practice.

The Search for Convenience and Efficiency

When Britton and Tuma launched their own firm, one of the top motivations was an interest in technology. The firm where they both previously worked had used outdated systems that disrupted staff productivity and constantly caused difficulties. "The old system wasn't mobile at all – I had to be in the office to get into it, which was very limiting. Duplication of efforts was a continuous problem because we had to record notes and actions manually into the system," said Tuma.

Both attorneys recognized the benefits of using cloud-based software and determined it would be essential to deploy to keep their office productive and their clients well serviced. Tuma felt it was especially important to have a system that mirrored the firm's commitment to efficiency and modernization.

"I got involved in this area because I like watching a new and evolving body of law develop right before my eyes," he explained. "I also like being able to master it by getting involved at the beginning. In addition, today's clients live and breathe technology; they understand value and expect efficiency so it's important that we deliver that."

Tuma was so dedicated to the idea of a top-of-the-line platform that he began researching software even before launching his new firm. His findings quickly led him to MyCase.

"It was one of the first decisions my partner and I made. I looked at a variety of cloud-based law practice platforms, but MyCase's focus on security sealed the deal. I handle computer fraud every day, and I know how insecure email is, so it was crucial to me to have a secure way of sharing client documents and information." He was especially thrilled with MyCase's client portal and workflow tools. "Additionally, MyCase constantly evolves its efficiencies which is key to our practice as well."

Raising the Bar by Embracing Technology

As he implemented MyCase into his new firm's day-to-day processes, Tuma became a fan of the company's customer service. "The MyCase team is so dedicated," he said. "Every time I emailed them about features I needed, they worked with me to make it happen quickly. They're responsive and proactive, making for truly excellent customer service."

Like many MyCase users, Tuma loved the flexibility the Web-based platform offered. "I can use it anywhere," he said, noting he spends a lot of time on the road. "And if I'm at a client's office and they want to see their bill, I can show them right there."

Tuma added that his clients love the system. "It's efficient and my clients enjoy how simple and user-friendly it is," he said. "The billing is easy for everyone. We don't have a lot of on-staff support and there's really no way we could do this with our old systems. Now we just push a button, and the invoice goes out electronically and securely. The clients can pay online and see a permanent record of their accounts, and we save on postage costs."

Tuma also found that he saved even more money through an unexpected benefit: being able to capture his billable hours in real time. Given his hourly rates, he found that constantly missing even a few minutes here or there was costing him considerable money over time. "That aspect alone pays for MyCase. No more guesswork or lost hours – all of my time is tracked, and my clients appreciate knowing they're being billed accurately."


Several years into using MyCase, the BrittonTuma Firm credits the platform as a key element in their success. "Anyone who uses it will see the benefits," Tuma said. "It's a better way of informing clients of their cases and saves considerable time and money."

Results include:

  • Improved data security and client information protection
  • Cost savings through time tracking and accurate billing
  • Boosted productivity and faster office processes
  • Increased client satisfaction and better representation

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