Wolfram Alpha Mobile Apps:
Great Resources for Busy Lawyers

Each month I highlight web or mobile apps that are useful to lawyers. Sometimes the apps are developed specifically for lawyers and other times I feature non-legal apps that are nevertheless interesting to lawyers.

Today’s app is the Wolfram Alpha app ($2.99). This app gives you full access to the Wolfram Alpha database, right from your mobile device. Using this app, you can perform complex calculations, obtain date and time zone information, convert units and measures, obtain geographical information, locate weather information and more. Of course, if you have an iOS device that is Siri-enabled, you can access parts of the Wolfram Alpha database for free using your mobile device, but only the app gives you access to the entire database in a user-friendly format.

And, if you’d prefer a more legal-specific database, look no further than the Wolfram Alpha Lawyer’s Professional Assistant app ($4.99). Among other things, this app provides a full legal dictionary, statutes of limitations for every state, financial computations, and investigative information, including including weather, company information, IP lookup and a blood alcohol calculator.

While not free, these apps provide you with a vast array of information and are worth the small price you’ll pay for them. You can download the Wolfram Alpha iOS app here and the Lawyer’s Professional Assistant app here. If you have an Android device, you can download the main app here, but the legal-specific app isn’t available Androids.

–Nicole Black

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