Wishing You Success (And 6 Things You Need To Know) In 2016

Wishing You Sucess (and 6 Things You Need to Know) in 2016It’s hard to believe 2015 is coming to a close, but as John F. Kennedy once said: “Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.”

At MyCase, we understand how tough it is for solo and small firm attorneys to keep up with “all things law.” You are legal counsel, part office manager, part entrepreneur, and part emotional security blanket for many of your clients. With so much on your plate, chances are there have been more than a few announcements you may have missed this past year that might help you manage your practice a little better and provide better client representation.

But don’t worry, as is always the case, the MyCase Rockstars have your back and we put together a list of the top 6 things you may have missed in 2015 (and need to know in 2016). So relax, celebrate the holidays, enjoy the New Year, and get ready to take on 2016!

Introducing MyCase Payments

1) MyCase Payments

#1 on our list of 6 Things You Need to Know in 2016 is MyCase Payments — our new online eCheck (ACH) payment solution that allows your clients to pay invoices via eCheck, directly through the MyCase Client Portal with no setup or transaction fees.

The eCheck payment option should be high on your list of things to think about as we head into 2016 because at the end of the day accepting online eChecks doesn’t just benefit attorneys. Yes, online invoicing saves you time. Yes, offering eChecks will get you paid faster. Yes, unlike credit cards, eChecks with MyCase Payments have no transaction fees. But, even more importantly, a major benefit of MyCase Payments is the ability to provide better client service. By making it possible for your clients to pay via eCheck, you let them choose how they would like to pay.

We covered MyCase Payments in a detailed series of posts (Part I, II, III, IV) and have already received a tremendous amount of feedback from customers who are already up and running.

Current customers can get started here and a MyCase Payments team member will get back to you. Still not a MyCase customer? What are you waiting for? Start your MyCase free trial or give us a call at (866) 378-3291.

How to Use Google Scholar


2) How to Use Google Scholar for Free Legal Research (Part I and II)

One of the best-performing blog posts in MyCase history was updated for 2015 and now explains in even greater detail how to use Google Scholar to conduct free legal research. Google Scholar is a free, online legal research tool that allows users to access a plethora of US court cases going back as far as 1923. New to Google Scholar or just need a refresh? Our 2-part blog post series will get you up to speed so you can take advantage of Google Scholar in 2016 and conduct legal research–for free!

How to Use Google Scholar for Free Legal Research: Part I

How to Use Google Scholar for Free Legal Research: Part II

3) The MyCase Difference  – 2015 Customer Survey Results

These days, it seems like every month there is a new technology, gadget or app that promises to change the world (and your life) for the better.

Created by a lawyer, for lawyers, we believe MyCase actually will change your life, how you manage your practice, and how you work with your clients. MyCase is easy-to-use, powerful, and intuitive. In fact, we think MyCase is the best legal practice management software available. But don’t take our word on it! Hear what our customers had to say when, in September, we asked them about MyCase and its effect on their practices. Here’s what we learned.

More than 60% of our customers said MyCase saves them between 30-90 minutes a day! MyCase users also shared that administrative tasks were cut down by 80%, with staffing costs and needs reduced by 50%. Another great statistic: half of our customers said their revenue increased with the help of MyCase.

Plenty of other MyCase benefits surfaced from our 2015 customer survey but the top benefits were: time was saved, administrative tasks were reduced, staffing costs and needs were down, and revenue was up. Check out the video above and click here to view the full infographic on our 2015 customer survey.

What do you want to accomplish at your firm in 2016? No matter what it is, we believe MyCase can help. If you haven’t done so yet, give MyCase a test drive. Start your MyCase free trial and see everything that MyCase can do for you.

MyCase's Pocket Guide to Lauching Your Law Firm

4) Pocket Guide to Launching a Law Firm eBook Series

Hanging your shingle is no easy task. It’s not a simple process and, unfortunately, most of the issues you need to consider when starting your own law firm weren’t covered in law school. The good news is we’re here to help!

One of our goals at MyCase is to help lawyers run successful law practices. That’s why we put together “The Pocket Guide to Launching Your Law Firm.” In it, you’ll find advice from the experts on every stage of opening and running your law firm. So far, we’ve released seven chapters, and we have more coming every month!

Take a look at a list of all the chapters and bookmark the link so you can check back each month for future releases!


5) Above the Law: Academy for Private Practice Video Interviews

Before going too far into 2016, get some expert tips and improve how you manage your firm with advice from a host of tech-savvy attorneys. Last October, MyCase was in New York for the Above the Law Academy for Private Practice and while there, MyCase’s Niki Black spoke to a handful of legal tech experts on everything from social media tools and legal resources, to ideas to help improve your billing process.

So, take a few minutes each day for a week (or half-an-hour right now) and watch these interviews. You’ll come away with new ideas and tactics for managing your firm, working with clients, and growing your business. Get a taste for what each speaker covers in the anthology video above, or watch the full interviews with each speaker here.

AppFolio IPO

6) MyCase’s Parent Company, AppFolio, Goes Public

In June, MyCase’s parent company, AppFolio, celebrated its IPO. This IPO offering was big news in the legal world and for MyCase. This was such big news that Bob Ambrogi included it in his list of “Top 10 Most Important Legal Technology Developments of 2015.”

As he explained at his well-respected LawSites blog: “I cannot think of a major IPO in the legal industry in recent memory…(T)he IPO shows that cloud computing is here to stay in the legal industry and that there is a market for innovation in legal technology. (It) shows that (MyCase) is part of a significant cloud company that is committed to growth and development .”

In other words, what the AppFolio IPO means for MyCase and our customers is the promise of our continued dedication to creating the best legal practice management software out there.

Our own Niki Black summed it up best: “The IPO shows that MyCase is here to stay, that we’re here for the long haul and really invested in making it the best platform on the market.”

Read the full recap on the AppFolio IPO here.

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