Why Your Small Firm Really Must Outsource

Why Outsourcing is Beneficial

Imagine that your to-do list is so small that you smile when you look at it. You have the time to focus on lawyering well, serving your clients and growing your law firm.

Reality is a bit different. The pressures of running a law firm are harsh. Lawyers need to bill more hours, win more cases, give great customer service, attract more clients, be a thought leader. Oh, and to have a life. Always, there is a feeling that you are failing at something, not living up to your potential. There is simply not enough time to plan for growth or implement plans.

There is a growing feeling in the profession of dissatisfaction and regret. Lawyers are stressed. The ABA notes that 28% of lawyers report being depressed and xx% suffer from anxiety.

How you can turn that around in your law practice? Outsource. Outsourcing is simply asking someone outside of your law practice to help you achieve a goal. You can delegate tasks like social media that are essential for growing your firm but don’t require a legal degree to perform.

Why Should Your Law Firm Outsource?

Most lawyers struggle with leveraging their time effectively. They are crazy busy, working 24/7 but still not enjoying an increase in sales or revenue and it’s really frustrating.

Problem is, these people mistakenly believe that because their business isn’t making the money they want right now they HAVE to save money by doing everything themselves. Because everyone knows the right thing to do is to save money when you’re not making any, right?

Wrong! That faulty thinking is what I call a poor  ‘mine’ set. All tasks are mine to do. Lawyers believe that if they don’t do a project themselves, it won’t be done right.  Some lawyers that believe that getting help is a luxury, an expense, they can’t afford.

These noble but incorrect beliefs lead to the failure of thousands of small businesses, especially solo lawyers and small law firms.

The truth is, outsourcing works. It is incredibly beneficial when you are doing it right.

Outsourcing is beneficial to you in many ways that not delegating makes you look unreasonable and old school.

More Efficiency

Today’s clients are not willing to write a blank check for legal services.  They expect personalized service in the same way they get customized coffee at Starbucks and your firm to be efficient enough to provide that without high cost.  Delegation allows you to be efficient by working with lower cost staff and independent contractors to lower your overhead.

Better cash flow

Improve your cash flow by delegating more. Many lawyers still do their own intake.  That’s billable time lost. Use virtual receptionist like the ones at Smith.ai who screen clients based on a script you create which leaves you free to do the lawyers.

Improve collection rate

I love doing follow up calls for collection, said no lawyer ever.  Instead of stressing about doing the calls or postponing them, hire an independent contractor to deal with late payments. It’s a much better look for you as a lawyer, anyway.

Practice Growth

As a solo or small firm owner, you rarely have the time to sit down, so some serious thinking then plot out your strategy for future growth. Outsourcing returns hours to you so you have more time to plan future growth, meet referral sources, create recurring income products.

Personal growth

Your lawyering skills improve when you delegate.  The same emotional intelligence skills required to delegate effective- goal-setting, rapport-building, clear communication- also make you more effective in dealing with clients.  

Higher quality work

You’re smart so you can learn to do anything that you want.  However, there will always be someone with superior knowledge.  You tap into that when you delegate. You get your project completed along with expert advice.

Things get done

This is the real reason outsourcing is beneficial to you. Things actually get done instead of getting pushed to the back burner or put on the someday list.  Lawyers love to get things done. Your productivity increases.

Be happier

Studies suggest that when you spend money on time-saving tools it makes you happier.  Buying time improves your satisfaction with life. Which correlates with new findings that you are happier when you have experiences rather than buying things.

Outsourcing is good for your law firm in terms of productivity, efficiency, and quality of work, and it’s good for you personally.  You’ll grow and be happier, and isn’t that what work is all about anyway?

About Dina Eisenberg, Esq.

Dina is a lawyer/Ombuds turned award-winning entrepreneur. She is the CEO of OutsourceEasier.com, a consulting & training firm dedicated to helping solo and small firm lawyers delegate, automate and grow to $500k without burnout. She loves seeing lawyers stand in their truth and own their power.


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