What’s New at MyCase? Lots of Updates!

3-common-legal-challengesAt MyCase, we’re always focused on enhancing our features based on customer feedback with the end goal being to provide small law firms with the tools needed to run successful, efficient law firms. We’ve made a lot of progress since March that’s designed to do just that and we’re excited to share our latest updates.

Document Management:

Practicing law is a document-intensive process. Being able to easily locate and access documents is one of the keys to an efficient and streamlined law firm. Because organizing law firm documents can be challenging, we’re always working to add new features to MyCase to help law firms manage firm documents:

  • Our new Dropbox integration creates a Dropbox folder in MyCase, making it easy to share files from Dropbox to MyCase. Documents in this folder can be downloaded or opened in Dropbox online, and any edits made to the documents in the desktop or online version of Dropbox will be immediately synced with MyCase. Learn more here.
  • Customers can now search within a case’s documents
  • You can now view, email, and text firm and case documents from the mobile app
Law firm collaboration:

Running a busy law firm can be time consuming. At MyCase we understand that lawyers have a lot on their plates each day between managing staff, tracking the status of cases and court appearances, and communicating and collaborating with work colleagues about pending matters. So we’re always adding new features designed to help attorneys and law firm staff work together to stay on top of their busy caseloads:

  • Staff calendars can now be viewed from the mobile app, as well as in the desktop app
  • Firm & case documents can now be viewed, emailed, and texted from the mobile app
  • Law firms can now easily onboard a new staff member by redistributing the tasks of a former employee to the new employee in bulk
Increased efficiency:

Valuable law firm resources are wasted due to inefficient law firm processes, including unnecessary repetitive tasks and clunky workflows. These new features are designed to streamline mundane, but necessary administrative tasks, such as calendaring, task management, and more:

  • New reports: Case Revenue Report (provides visibility into the financial performance of a given case) and Fee Allocation Report (allows firm users to report on amounts collected by individual invoice contributors)
  • Notes are now autosaved
  • Events for closed cases can be kept on the calendar
  • Recurring events can be scheduled on the calendar
  • Individual event and task reminders can be snoozed and dismissed
Getting paid:

One of the top challenges law firms face is getting paid for services rendered. That’s why we’ve updated MyCase to include new features designed to streamline time-tracking, invoicing, and built-in payment processes:

Capturing time:

  • Timers are now available in the MyCase mobile app 
  • Billable events and tasks can be converted directly into a time entry on desktop and mobile devices

Efficient billing:

  • Invoice reminders can be automated, allowing law firms to automatically remind clients that an invoice is overdue
  • Invoices can be drafted without creating a corresponding case, so that an invoice unrelated to a pending case can be sent out
  • Recent invoice activity now appears on the dashboard, providing insight into invoicing activity
  • Custom messages can be added when emailing invoices, improving client communication and ensuring that clients understand their legal bills
  • Invoices can be customized to only show the information relevant to your clients, ensuring straightforward communication and eliminating clients’ invoice questions

So there you have it! Lots of updates to help you run your law firm more effectively. And, since we’re always listening to our customers and updating MyCase based on their feedback, you can be sure that there’s more to come – so stay tuned!

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