Webinar Recap:
Virtual Lawyering – Growing A Global Law Practice

mycase-webinar-recap-pprI’m not a lawyer. I like movies about lawyers, a few of my friends from college are attorneys, I work at a software company for lawyers… but I’m not a lawyer. With that said, as someone who’s not an attorney, I advise you to watch the latest MyCase legal webinar “Virtual Lawyering: Growing a Global Practice,” with Attorney Priya Prakash Royal.

You see, Priya Prakash Royal is a lawyer, and she knows a lot about the rules and guidelines relevant to multijurisdictional practices and how going global can help grow your business. Seriously, she knows a lot. And not just stuff like, “Hey, you should have a Facebook business page for your firm.”

That’s because she’s been running Royal Law Firm for years after obtaining significant experience with larger law firms. At those firms she represented high net-worth individuals and multinational corporations on complex corporate, tax (she also worked at the IRS), estate, trust and gift planning, and estate administration.

In this latest MyCase legal webinar, she gets into the nitty-gritty on what lawyers seeking to have a multijurisdictional practice need to know, like the ethics and barriers of entry into managing a multijurisdictional practice, virtual practices, and even tips on how working in different jurisdictions affects marketing and advertising. I’m warning you, she covered a lot! But as I said, as someone who’s not an attorney, here’s my advice: check it out if you’re considering a multijurisdictional practice or are looking for new ways to grow your legal practice.

The full webinar recording and slides are below, so even if you missed the live webinar (and depending on where you are located, missed the chance for free CLE credit) you can revisit everything Attorney Royal covered on “Virtual Lawyering: Growing a Global Practice,” including how to:

  • Develop an ethical and successful multijurisdictional practice
  • Merge traditional and virtual office models
  • Become your clients’ all-inclusive resource
  • Market your niche practice to global clients
  • Maximize returns on a virtual office.

Check out the full video recording and slides below, and be sure to check out other MyCase legal webinars on the MyCase blog! And, as always, we saved the best for last: the $50 Amazon gift card winner is B Thomas Halstead. Congrats!



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