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Top 10 Apps For Lawyers

In case this whole legal technology thing doesn’t work out for Brett Burney, Principal of Burney Consultants LLC, he has a fall-back career as a professional nose whistler (yes, they are really out there and more info on that during Brett’s introduction in the webinar recording below). And while you probably haven’t heard his rockin’ rhino-musical skills, his “Top 10 Apps for Lawyers” presentation will be music to your legal ears!

In this hour-long presentation, Brett touches on the evolution of technology and more specifically on tablets and smartphones and what those tools mean to lawyers. Referencing the 2016 ABA Legal Technology Report Survey, Brett explains how technology will only continue to play an increasingly important role for attorneys, especially around mobility and managing your practice more efficiently.

Despite the “iPad and tablet is dead” rhetoric floating around news sites lately, Apple sold over 13 million iPads in Q1 2017, so it’s clear tablets are still popular and can play an important role at your firm. Still worried about cloud security? 26 states have issued cloud ethics opinions permitting lawyers to use cloud computing as long as they take precautions to protect that data. Stick around until the end of Brett’s presentation for more on this.

But this isn’t just a presentation about the “Top 10 Apps for Lawyers” (forget Candy Crush) — it’s a complete rundown of 10 different categories of law and useful apps within those categories. Brett even uses his iPad to show you how some of these apps actually work during the presentation!

Here’s the quick rundown of everything Brett covers, but be sure to get all the details and tips he shares by watching the full recording and slides below!

Cloud-based File Management Apps

Most of these apps are free, but some may charge for additional feature or storage (note: MyCase gives you unlimited cloud-based document storage for your firm) and allow you to sync and access your documents on your laptop or computer and and then sync them to your tablet or smartphone. Access your files when you’re away from the office, upload and download files, share links to files, make files available offline and more! There are lots to choose from, as Brett shares during his presentation.

File/PDF Managers App for Lawyers

PDF manager apps are another type app you’ll want to get the most our of your iPad. File/PDF Manager apps help you manage all your documents and allow you to sync and organize multiple cloud-based document apps in one place –  PLUS you get the ability to read, markup and share!

Microsoft Word Apps

Microsoft waited a long time before letting iPad or iPhone users use Microsoft Word, but in 2014 they finally broke down and offered it to both iOS and Android users. During this webinar, Brett does a deep dive and offers tips on viewing and editing Microsoft Word documents. Don’t miss this section if you use Microsoft Word for your business!

Legal Presentation Apps

Linear presentations apps are key for those of you who like to use your tablet or smartphone for presentations. These apps let you create your presentation on your computer (Windows or Mac) and then easily transfer to iPad and even modify, mark up the slides, and more!

Brett also covers dynamic (non-linear) presentation (aka “trial presentation”) apps that give you nearly full-featured desktop versions, with ability to add call-outs, highlight text, and go into “John Madden” mode — all from your tablet or smartphone.

Legal Research Apps

This is a common feature lawyers are already using on their smartphone and tablets, but these apps will give you even more legal research power in the palm of your hand!

Note-Taking Apps

Wouldn’t it be nice to replace that traditional yellow legal pad? Some of you may have even taken the step of handwriting a note on your trusted notepad, then scanning those notes and emailing them so you had a digital version. Well, you can do it all with these great note taking apps! These apps allow you type or handwrite notes, snap a picture, sync, and even record audio with your notes!

Transcript Management

For the litigators out there, these could be valuable apps for your practice. Features vary depending on the app and other tools you’re already using.

Document Scanners

Your smartphone has a camera, and it’s not just for selfies. Lay a document on the table, take a photo, scan as .jpg or PDF, OCR the text, and upload it to cloud storage services. You have your scanned document, simplified.

PDF Converter

Convert a document into a PDF file. Convert web pages to PDFs and send the file to your note taking app, highlight the text, and easily send files. Or convert PDF to another format!

Task/To-Do Management

Siri and other built-in iOS and Android apps can help wrangle and manage tasks, but these apps are made for for managing lists, to-dos, and more!

Password Management Apps (BONUS!)

What’s a webinar or blog post without an extra bonus? Simplify your life and take Brett’s advice: use a password manager!

Even more bonus!

Brett couldn’t help himself- he shared another 9 apps just before the really great Q/A session at the end, so be sure to check out the full recording below!

And congratulations to A. Keith Logue from the Law Office of Logue Law, P.C., the winner of the Apple gift card!


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