Webinar Recap:
Running An Efficient Law Firm

webinar burke 2“I know we need to make changes but don’t know where to start.”

While it might seem like I’m talking about your disastrous first marriage or poor management of your doomed local softball team, that’s actually one of the top complaints of law firm owners. It’s distressing to think that so many attorneys are struggling with the same problem: knowing that something has to be done to improve their law practices, but not taking action because they are paralyzed with uncertainty and don’t know where to start.

It’s almost worse than not knowing you need to make a change in the first place, yet at the same time this is also an understandably common dilemma. I can see it now: attorneys across the country are lying awake at night, anxiety-ridden, worrying non-stop. And no, their worries have nothing to do with an important case or pending trial. They can’t sleep because they don’t know what time tracking and billing software to use!

So, they lie awake thinking, “There has to be a better way!”

The good news is, there is. And in yesterday’s MyCase legal webinar, “Running an Efficient Law Firm,” Attorney Stacey Burke spent 60 minutes showing attorneys how to forge a clear path toward a better way of doing things.

When building your best law firm, your most efficient law firm, Stacey suggests focusing on five areas of importance: Systemization, Training, Accessibility, Assessment, and Business Development.

She covers efficiency for marketing, efficiency on training and working with clients and staff, and how to create more efficient processes by optimizing your use of technology and applying best practices, like creating an internal client intake process. She explains that systemizing redundant processes will enable you to both scale and grow your business, and shares dozens of real life examples that you can implement in your own firm.

By breaking it down into these five key areas, she gives you the necessary insight to finally go from not knowing where to start – to being on your way to building a more efficient law firm. And, as a result, you’ll have far fewer sleepless nights!

Watch the full 60-minute recording below (and take a look at the slides, too), where Stacey will walk you through:

  • Unified Forms
  • The Importance of Ongoing Training
  • Working in the Cloud
  • Streamlining New Case Intake
  • Business Development
  • Much more!

As with every MyCase webinar, we have a drawing at the end (as a little thank you for attending) and we’d like to congratulate our Apple TV Winner Marc Garlett. Congrats Marc!

Tune in next month for more legal practice management tips from another exceptional attorney — and another chance at an AppleTV!


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