Webinar Recap:
Life On Purpose – An Alternative Approach To Work-Life Challenges

eleanorIn yesterday’s webinar, psychologist and founding principal of Lawyers Life Coach, Ellen Ostrow, cracked the myth of work-life balance by quickly calling out the fact that today there are no boundaries between work and life. So essentially, work-life balance is an anachronism in today’s modern world of cloud computing, smartphones, and Mr. Bobo (more on that later).

With her reassuring voice and the calming tone of the seasoned counselor that she is, Dr. Ostrow takes you through analogies and examples of how our success (and any balance in work-life) is tied to mindfulness. By unhooking from the chatter in your mind, you let go of thoughts that are not working. After all, they are simply thoughts, not truths, and thoughts do not control you, just as your feelings should not consume you.

Now, about Mr. Bobo.

Dr. Ostrow shared an example of how the memorable, punching-bag-of-a-man Mr. Bobo can teach us lessons in resilience. Thinking about balance in work and life is especially helpful when you frame it around the idea of resilience and the ability to bounce back. Resilience is a core quality for success in all areas of life.

She explained that a purpose in life–any sense of purpose–can also ground you. Research has proven this can also lead to less depression, anxiety, and stress, while increasing engagement in work and control over your life. And by knowing what matters most, you will be most resilient (aka balanced).

So bounce back like Bobo and never give up, and check out the video recording and the slides below from this great webinar on living life with a purpose, where you’ll learn about:

  • Debunking the work-life balance myth
  • Resilience: lessons from a Bobo Doll
  • Values and purpose: keys to resilience
  • Aligning your life with your values
  • How people and organizations can thrive by making time for life
  • Much more!

And congrats to our $100 Apple gift card winner Chandra Doucette from Florida.

See you at the next MyCase webinar in May!


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