Webinar Recap:
How To Ethically Use Technology In Your Practice

Jim-CallowayIn 2015, the Wall Street Journal stated “Every business is a technology business. Whether it’s taxi cabs or taco delivery…”

If the Wall Street Journal considers a taco delivery business a technology business, what do you think they’d say about your law firm? Do you consider your law firm a technology business?

Well if you don’t, you’re not alone. In fact, 60% of yesterday’s webinar attendees admitted they did not know if their state had amended the Rules of Professional Conduct to add the comment requiring lawyers to understand the risks and benefits of relevant technology. It seems like knowing whether your state requires you to understand the benefits of technology would be key to running a law firm. But the good news is that those lawyers were nevertheless listening to Jim Calloway’s presentation on “How to Ethically Use Technology in Your Practice.”

What “The Cloud” Really Is

What “The Cloud” Really Is — Jim Calloway’s “How to Ethically Use Technology in Your Practice”

Lawyers tend to be busy people, and Jim recognizes that scarcity of time is preventing many of them from using technology more in their practices. The challenge for lawyers when it comes to technology, especially solo attorneys, is overcoming hesitation regarding the time commitment needed to adopt new tools into their practice, like those designed to help maintain digital client files, to encrypt passwords, and secure client communication via online portals.

But being busy is no longer an excuse for not using technology at your law firm now that the majority of the states have adopted the amendment of Rule 1.1 requiring lawyers to maintain technology competence. Fortunately, Jim’s presentation gets you up to speed on the technology basics you need to know in order to run a 21st century law practice. In it he covers:

  • What cloud computing is and why you need to use it
  • How email is unsecure and other solutions to protect your client’s data
  • Benefits of cloud-based legal practice management software
  • Tips on using social media and tools for better data encryption,
  • Much more!

In this presentation, you’ll learn about dozen of articles and resources that will give you even more information so you can start maximizing the benefits of technology at your law firm. Check out the links, slides, and full recording of the presentation below.

Finally, congratulations to our Apple Gift Card Winner attorney John Schillinger! You could win next month at the next MyCase legal webinar!

Here are just some of the resources from the presentation:

Jim Calloway’s Law Practice Tips

Every Law Firm is a Technology Business

ABA Model Rule 1.6(c)

Cloud Ethics Opinions Around the U.S.

The Basics of Client Files and Paperless Systems

Google’s GSuite Pricing

Under the Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct, may a lawyer communicate confidential information by email?

How to encrypt your entire life in less than an hour (fyi tip #7 is for experts)

MyCase Legal Practice Management Software

RoboForm (Password Manager)

1Password (Password Manager)

Lastpass (Password Manager)

Client Confidentiality, Personal Privacy and Digital Security

Automation in Today’s Law Firm

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