Webinar Recap:
Choosing Legal Tech For Your Law Office

jeff-bennion-recap“I have a policy in my firm: I simply don’t represent clients who only communicate via fax.”

Attorney Jeff Bennion shared these words with the webinar universe yesterday during his presentation on “Choosing Legal Tech for Your Law Firm.”

It was refreshing to hear this to-the-point approach in a webinar about technology for solo attorneys and small firms, and I couldn’t agree more with his opinion on faxes. It’s 2016 and it’s time we put the fax machine where it really belongs: in storage next to the overflowing box of cds and the scratched up laser disc player.

Everyday at MyCase, we talk to lawyers who are still not using technology the way they should in their practice — and they know it! So no more excuses for not using legal tech (or more of it) in your law firm. Instead, watch this webinar, where Jeff shares dozens of stories from his own experience on how to use technology selectively and strategically in your law firm.

In the webinar you’ll learn lots of practical tips on implementing technology in your law office, including:

  • Choosing the right Hardware
  • Peripherals (Do you really need that copy machine? Seriously.)
  • Using the cloud – is it permissible for attorneys?
  • A word on cybersecurity
  • Document creation, handling & e-mail protocols
  • Much more!

The more you learn to rely on and harness technology to help manage your practice, the more efficient you’ll be, and the more prepared you’ll be for technologies of the future. After all, one day something else is going to end up in storage next to that laser disc player and fax machine.

The slides and a full recording of the webinar full of legal tech tips are below. Finally, congratulations to our $100 Apple gift card winner: Kai Jacobs from Florida!

See you in June for the next MyCase legal webinar!


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