Webinar Recap:
Build Your Practice Through Blogging

cordell-parvinI need to tell you something: I don’t think you should blog.

Don’t do it.

Don’t blog. Just don’t blog. Forget it. You don’t need to blog and you probably don’t even have time to blog, so just forget about blogging.

In yesterday’s “Build Your Practice Through Blogging” webinar, Cordell Parvin, attorney and lawyer business development coach, even said that writing a blog isn’t for everyone. He probably meant you. Don’t blog.

Alright so I know I said that, but if you do want to build your legal practice through blogging, if you really want to go down that road, here are four tips to help you get started:

  • Understand your three audiences
  • Blog with purpose
  • Know what your blog post needs
  • Think about logistics

Understand Your Three Audiences

Cordell has been coaching lawyers across the country on blogging for over a decade. His explanation of the three core audiences (Clients/Potential Clients, Social Media Shares, and Referrals), which occurs near the start of the presentation will help you understand why you need to blog to build your business.

Blog with Purpose

Today’s potential clients want more than just a billboard ad and 800 number. The only way to find success is to blog with a purpose, and this will also help you find topics and ideas to blog on. Cordell’s “Priority Matrix” that he talks about (but is not included in his slides) is another concept he shares that will help you see the value in blogging and how it compares to other efforts to build your business.


Know What Your Blog Post Needs

Cordell runs through over a dozen “needs” of an excellent blog post (from using a “Magnetic Headline” to Internal Cliffhangers) that will give you structure and confidence when putting pen to paper (or fingertips to keyboard).

Think about Logistics

Not ready to start blogging tomorrow? Don’t worry; you shouldn’t. Cordell will force you to think about logistics and the goals of your blog before hitting publish. The excuse of only being able to blog “whenever you have the time” doesn’t fly with Cordell. His tips on structuring your blog routine also may carry over into other areas of your business as well.

The truth is it would be unreasonable to summarize Cordell’s 60-minute webinar in a 450-word blog post, and those 4 tips above are equivalent to a CliffsNotes edition of his presentation.

Enjoy the slides and full video recording below, plus Cordell’s eBook on blogging and social media, linked to below. As with every MyCase legal webinar, we have another AppleTV winner and this month it is attorney Mervin Ford from Florida.

The MyCase Final Verdict:

I lied to you. I think you should blog. I think a well produced legal blog has potential to help establish yourself as a skilled attorney and grow your business. I agree with most everything Cordell Parvin shared in his slides and presentation, and I believe if you take his free advice, it could help your legal practice more than you realize.

Also, if you made it all the way down here (more than most visitors, for sure) watch the webinar and re-read this blog post, and let me know what you think Cordell would say about this post in the comments below.



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