Webinar Recap:
5 Really Great Examples Of Lawyers Using Social Media

Gyi-Tsakalakis: Social Media for LaywersIn yesterday’s webinar, Attorney Gyi Tsakalakis shared some really great examples of lawyers using social media. While the official webinar title was “5 Really Great Examples of Lawyers Using Social Media,” Gyi shared dozens (not just 5) and showed how social media can indeed help grow your law firm’s business.

But more than just sharing examples and best practices, Attorney Tsakalakis (that’s pronounced, Sock-a-lock-keys if you’re wondering) highlighted something that most people probably don’t realize when they think of Linkedin, Facebook or Twitter: using Social Media is about controlling your presence on the web and the power is not in your broadcast, but in your engagement.

Referrals, relationships, and reputation are still the core of client development, but in today’s digital world, some of those conversations are moving to social media. After all, people go to the internet to research lawyers, so whether it’s your website, Avvo profile, or Facebook business page, chances are potential clients will be Googling or Binging you before they even pick up the phone. Social media is just another channel and opportunity for you to establish yourself as a trustworthy, knowledgeable attorney who can help them solve their legal problems.

The question is: are you participating in those discussions or just eavesdropping from the search engine sidelines?

Today, social media = word of mouth (or at least plays a big role). Lawyers who do well in traditional reputation and relationship-building activities and take those skills online are finding success.

That said, people are not looking for the old school marketing tactics on social media. Social media is not a bus bench, billboard, or Yellow Pages ad; if you’re not creating social media content that works for social media, there’s a good chance you’re not finding success.

While you may feel like there is too much to learn or not enough hours in the day, in the webinar Gyi (that’s pronounced like “key with G” if you’re curious) breaks down your options and shares ideas on how you can test and start exploring social media as a business generator. In the slides and video below, you’ll learn about:

  • Different objectives for paid social campaigns and how to build a Facebook Audience
  • Ways to integrate channels (like Facebook + Google Ad Words + CRM email lists) to find more success
  • How ethics come into play in Social Media
  • Other “social media” review sites like Yelp and Avvo
  • Tools and metrics to set and reach your goals (tip: it’s not all about page or post likes)
  • How to handle negative sentiment on social media
  • Much more!

Check out the full recording and slides below to get some new social media marketing tactics for lawyers, and if you aren’t using social media to market your practice — we think you’ll get more than enough inspiration and ideas to get up and running. Maybe even start by sharing this blog post!

Congrats to Samantha of Hull & Swingley in Montana, winner of our $100 Apple gift card, and make sure to catch up on all of our previous legal webinars here.


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