Top Legal Technology Tips For Solo And Small Firms In 2017

Now that the holidays are over and it’s 2017, you’ve got lots of planning to do for your law firm’s future. Whether it’s rolling out a new marketing plan or choosing legal technology to streamline your law firm’s processes, we’ve got you covered! In this post, you’ll find lots of great tips and resources to help you use technology to get your law firm on the right track in the coming months. And if marketing is also a focus for your law firm in 2017, then my recent post, Top Tips For Planning Your Law Firm’s Marketing In 2017, is just what you need!

Legal research – explore more affordable options

Legal research has long been the bane of every lawyer’s existence. And for much of the past, accessing quality legal research tools was a costly proposition. But in recent years, times have changed and there are now a vast array of powerful – and affordable – online legal research tools available to solo and small firm attorneys as long as you know where to look. When researching your law firm’s legal research options, our free ebook, Choosing The Right Legal Research Tools For Your Law Firm, is a great place to start. In it you’ll learn about all of the different online legal research tools.

And don’t forget about Google Scholar! It provides lawyers with free, unprecedented access to a wide range of legal materials, all of which are accessible and searchable via a user-friendly interface. You can learn the ins and out of using Google Scholar in this 2-part blog post series and check out this post to learn more about using Google Scholar’s Advanced Search Menu For Big Data And Analytics.

Increase your firm’s efficiency with legal software

One way to research your legal technology options is to learn about how other lawyers are using technology in their firms. Get started by reading this blog post, Survey Results: How Solo And Small Firm Lawyers Are Using Technology, for ideas to implement in your firm. You’ll learn even more from this infographic, How Lawyers Are Increasing Efficiency With Software In 2016.

If you’re faced with making technology choices related to ediscovery for your small law firm this year, then you won’t want to miss this free webinar recording, How To Use eDiscovery In Your Small Firm Practice. It’s chock full of useful information on using eDiscovery and creating a cost-effective approach to eDiscovery by choosing the right technology tools.

Move to the cloud and choose the right legal practice management software for your firm

Cloud-based legal practice management software provides small law firms with affordable, powerful software that levels the playing field, allowing competition with larger firms in ways never before possible. Learn everything you need to know about using cloud computing in your law firm in this ebook, Moving Your Law Practice To The Cloud.

Similarly, it’s important to make the right legal technology choices for your law firm, but sometimes it’s tough to figure out where to start. Good news! The free recording of this webinar solves that problem: Choosing Legal Tech For Your Law Office.

Finally, in 2017, legal practice management software is a wise investment for solo and small firm lawyers. With it, you’re able to track and manage all aspects of your firm, from time-tracking and billing, invoicing, contact and calendar management, and client communications. If you’re a family law attorney, find out how to choose the right LPM software for your firm in this ebook, The Family Law Attorney’s Guide To Practice Management Software. And for even more information on choosing and using legal practice management software in your firm, check out this Practice Management Software Toolkit For Solo And Small Firm Lawyers for a ton of great resources that you’ll turn to time and time again throughout 2017.

Improve your firm’s bottom line with better legal billing practices

Let’s face it, if you’re not billing efficiently and effectively, your practice will suffer in 2017. So make sure your law firm’s books and billing practices are in order so that you start the year off on the right foot! Begin by reading these 2 free ebooks: Launching Your Law Firm: Let’s Talk Money! and Launching Your Law Firm: Trust Accounting Basics. Then take steps to ensure that your firm’s fee agreements are up to par by reading this blog post: Fee Agreements Should Be A Two-Way Highway.

Another focus for your firm in the coming year should be increasing the efficiency of your firm’s billing practices. The easier it is for you to invoice your clients – and for them to pay the invoice – the more quickly you’ll collect the legal fees that are due. One of the best ways to do this is to use online billing with your clients. Find out why law firms are embracing online credit card payments from this infographic, The Benefits Of Online Payment Processing For Law Firms. Then get up to speed on accepting online payments by reading this post, 5 Things Lawyers Need To Know When Accepting Online Credit Card Payments. You clients – and your firm’s bottom line – will thank you!

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