Top 5 MyCase Client Portal Best Practices

The following blog post was written by MyCase Software Specialist Brittany Jordan. Brittany helps MyCase customers increase their efficiency every day with the help of our legal practice management software.

So you’re using MyCase law practice management software to run a more efficient practice (if you aren’t, sign up for our free trial) and you’ve already started to see results: your work is more efficient, tasks are streamlined, your time-tracking and practice management software is tied together, and best of all you a have a bit more time to get things done.

Efficiently utilizing the MyCase Client Portal is the next step.

If the ABA’s new ethics standard on email communication with clients isn’t enough to convince you that you need to start using a secure Client Portal to share information with your law firm clients, then hopefully these five tips will help you see the true value of secure communication for your firm.

And if you’re already using the MyCase Client Portal to share information like upcoming appointments and court dates, documents, and messages — you’re doing great! Now let’s run through some more best practices and I bet we can save you even more time!


1. Introduce the MyCase Client Portal Right Away

Get your prospective legal clients all set up during consultation meetings (if you haven’t downloaded our Legal Practice Management Toolkit, it can help with onboarding clients) and introduce them to your firm’s Client Portal right away.

Adding this extra five minutes to your routine up front ensures your clients will see that security is a top priority, as is making their lives easier. You’ll also have peace of mind knowing that your clients will be all set up from the get-go, with an understanding of how to access important documents and how to pay you quickly and easily from anywhere.

There is little to no learning curve for your clients: they just accept the invite you send, enter a password, and they’re in. For you, there’s no need to add a lengthy conversation about the Client Portal or create some elaborate presentation. We’ve done almost all of the work for you with our guide and video for clients who need more information. Just share the Client Portal Guide for Clients in the MyCase Knowledge Center and they’ll have everything they need!


2. Utilize Clear, Simple, and Secure Client Messaging

You’re a busy attorney and chances are your clients are busy, too. This means your clients will love saving time and staying organized (just like you) with the ability to view all of your correspondence alongside the rest of their information and documents, all in one easily accessible and central location.

And most importantly, MyCase keeps your client communication safe and is much more secure than using email. There’s no need for clients to worry about prying eyes or hackers that may lurk in their unsecure email account because their messages are safe and encrypted in MyCase.

Another huge bonus for all parties: no accidental sharing. Messages in MyCase can only be exchanged between those invited into the Client Portal and firm users who have permissions. Let’s face it, we’ve all felt that familiar stomach drop associated with sending an email to the wrong recipient. It’s an easy mistake to make when using conventional email providers. But with MyCase, accidental sharing is a thing of the past!


3. Archive Inactive Clients in One Place

Keeping your contact list up to date is a must since doing so makes it easy to search quickly and find the information you’re looking for. You’ll save time by only viewing contact information for clients you’re currently working with, but you still get the peace of mind that comes with knowing that all of your contacts are at your fingertips, in one place.

This is useful for situations where you’re no longer actively representing a client and you’d like them removed from your main contact list, but not actually deleted from the system. Instead of deleting the contact (which will remove them entirely), archiving the contact will preserve their information and activity history if you should ever need to view it again.

Learn how to archive a contact in MyCase.


4. Send Invoice Reminders and Get Paid

Life moves fast, and things slip through the cracks for everybody. Using MyCase invoice reminders via the Client Portal is a quick and easy way to politely remind clients that they have an outstanding invoice and allows them to easily pay right from their smartphone.

Many attorneys use MyCase because they want to save time and we can’t think of a bigger time-saver than getting paid right away without having to repeatedly call or email your client (or even worse, expending the money and time needed to send a letter in the mail)! Get paid faster with one click of a button so you can get back to what really matters: representing your clients and growing your business.

If you haven’t tried sending a invoice reminder learn how in this help article. If you haven’t set up MyCase Payments, get the ball rolling and start accepting payments online (your clients will thank you, too).


5. Share Calendar Events with Clients

Securely sharing your calendar events is just one more way clients can have it all if you’re using MyCase’s Client Portal to its full extent. Your clients are already accessing their portal to communicate, pay invoices, and view documents, so keeping their appointments accessible here as well saves everyone time. An added bonus: it’s easy to chat about an upcoming appointment, and if a client can’t make it they can simply comment right on the event itself to let you know that they need to re-schedule. No more missed appointments or “I sent you an email” and  “I told so-and-so at the front desk that I couldn’t make that appointment.”


Bonus: Use the Client Portal as a Marketing Tool

So you made it to the end of this post, which means you’re really interested in getting the most out of the MyCase Client Portal. So here’s one more tip: use the Client Portal as a tool to market your law firm!

We’ve shared lots of examples to show you how the Client Portal is a huge asset for your law firm and your clients, but you can also use it as a way to promote the services you offer to prospective clients coming to your website. (You do have a website for your law firm, right?)

Consider having the MyCase Websites team set up a Client Portal Features Page on your law firm’s website. That way potential clients can see all the services your firm offers, including calendar access, document sharing, invoicing and payments, and secure communication.

But it doesn’t end there! There are other ways you can make use of the Client Portal Features Page. For example, after someone from your firm talks to a potential client on the phone, have them send the prospect a link to the your firm’s Client Portal Features page as a soft follow-up. It could be just the right touch needed to convince them to hire your firm instead of a competitor. This small step can help position you as a modern attorney who not only runs a smart, efficient business, but also has clients’ needs in mind.

Hopefully some of these tips will prove true in practice for you! If you’re a MyCase customer and have any other questions, make sure to schedule a free one-on-one training session with our award-winning Customer Service team!

Not a MyCase Customer? Set up a quick walkthrough of our legal practice management software and learn about all the features and tools you’ll get for just $49/per user/per month (billed annually).

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