Top 3 Reasons Lawyers Will Use Wearable Technology

Wearable technology: it’s the topic of conversation these days now that the Apple Watch has been released. But is it just a fad or will it be around for the long haul? And even if consumers take to wearable technologies, will they have any practical use for lawyers?

At this year’s ABA Techshow, Rick Georges and Robert Sisson tackled that very topic in their presentation “Fashion Do’s & Don’ts: How Will Wearable Tech Work In Your Law Practice?” Their prediction? That lawyers will indeed use wearable technology and that smartwatches are the first step toward everyday use in law practices.

Continuing our Techshow tradition from last year, we brought in Stephanie Crowley to take visual notes of many of the sessions, including this one. The visual notes from this session can be found below along with the top 3 reasons the presenters suggest that lawyers will use wearables, including links to sites that provide further information (click to view larger image):


1. Wearables are a natural extension of other mobile tools. Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets are already being used by the majority of lawyers. Wearable tools like smartwatches are the next step and provide even more convenient access to the information you need to have immediately on hand. According to the presenters, lawyers will use their smartwatches to screen out the digital noise of their devices, so that they can pay attention to only the most important notifications and updates. You can learn more about how Rick Georges, one of the presenters, already uses his smartwatch to do just that from this post.

2. Wearables give lawyers independence from their smartphone. Smartwatches can be programmed to send you unobtrusive notifications of phone calls, messages, and email from key people. Whether it’s your secretary, an associate, or your spouse–you decide whose messages get through. And if you’re waiting for an important phone call, instead of interrupting a meeting or courtroom proceeding to pull out your smartphone and look at it to see who called, you can glance at your smartwatch and quickly determine whether you’ll need to step outside during a break in order to return the call.

3. Wearables enhance lawyers’ capabilities. If used thoughtfully, smartwatches won’t add to the digital distractions lawyers face on a daily basis–and will actually reduce the influx of digital information. That way you can address non-essential tasks at a later time when it is more convenient–and less distracting–for you. And even more importantly, wearable technology has the potential to enhance lawyers’ capabilities by increasing their efficiency and mobility. The presenters even suggested that, in the very near future, smartphones could arguably replace administrative assistants, saving not only time, but money.

So those are the presenters’ predictions. What do you think? Do you own a smartwatch? If so, how are you using it in your law practice?

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