Top 7 Gadget Tips for the Mobile Lawyer

For the 21st century lawyer, mobility is key. That’s why the idea of a mobile law practice is such a big focus for us here at MyCase. So it’s no surprise that MyCase is available as an iOS app for Apple devices, and as we recently announced at ABA Techshow, we’ve released an app for Android devices as well. Our goal is to ensure that all of our customers can use their law practice management software to run their law practices from anywhere using any Internet-enabled device.

But we’re not the only ones interested in mobile tools–this was also a big focus at ABA Techshow this year. One of the sessions that focused on mobile law practices was Ben Stevens’ and Jeff Richardson’s presentation, “iGadgets and iGear for Lawyers.” As part of our contribution to Techshow this year, we brought in Stephanie Crowley to take visual notes of many of the sessions, including this one.

The visual notes from that session can be found below, including our selection of the top 7 most useful tips, along with links to sites that provide further information (click to view larger image):


  1. The presenters suggested a number of different styluses to consider, but one of the most interesting was the Griffin No. 2 Pencil Stylus. This stylus looks just like a pencil and has the added benefit of being quite responsive.
  2. One speaker system recommended during the presentation was the dockBoss Air, a wireless speaker system for Apple devices. At just $34.95, it’s a simple, portable system that offers great sound for the money.
  3. Another recommended device was Monster Outlets to Go. This compact device makes it easy to keep your devices charged while on the road. It includes both electrical outlets and a USB port and costs only $19.95.
  4. There were a number of keyboards recommended during this presentation, but the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard with iPad cover was one of the most interesting. This handy–and very thin–iPad case ($99.99) acts as both a cover and a keyboard all in one.
  5. If you cook often using recipes found on your tablet, then the Chef Sleeve tablet cover is just for you. This disposable cover for your tablet protects it from spills and splashes as you cook. A pack of 25 covers costs just $19.99.
  6. According to the presenters, another way to waterproof your tablet is to invest in a DryCase cover for your tablet. For $59.99, this flexible, clear tablet case will protect your tablet from water, whether you’re at the beach or hiking in the rain.
  7. And last, but not least, the presenters recommended the StabilePro stand. This attractive stand holds your tablet at eye level and rotates to make it easier to view.
So those are some of the best mobile gadgets mentioned during this presentation. Any others you’d add? If so, let us know in the comments!
–Nicole Black

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