Top 8 Facebook Tips For Lawyers

Facebook: personal or professional? Most lawyers tend to think that Facebook is a “social” site best left for personal networking. But not everyone agrees with that proposition. In fact, many lawyers have found success using Facebook for business development. And it’s entirely possible that Facebook could be a great tool for your law firm.

The trick is to research and understand how and why it works for some lawyers. The good news is that at ABA Techshow earlier this year, Samantha Meinke, the Communications Manager for the State Bar of Michigan, explained how lawyers can use Facebook effectively in her presentation “Use Facebook for Your Law Firm.” Throughout the presentation she offered lots of useful and actionable tips to help lawyers use Facebook more effectively.

As part of our contribution to Techshow this year, we brought in Stephanie Crowley to take visual notes of many of the sessions, including this one. The visual notes from this session can be found below, including our selection of the top 8 most useful tips from the presentation, along with links to sites that provide further information (click to view larger image):


1. Personalize your Facebook Page’s web address for a more professional page. Learn how to do that here.

2. Make sure to include contact information for your law firm, including your firm’s email address. You can learn more about adding information to your firm’s Facebook Page here.

3. It’s important to add a disclaimer wherein you ask people seeking legal advice to refrain from contacting you through the Facebook. You can learn more about ethical issues encountered when lawyers use social media here.

4. When setting up your Facebook profile and your law firm’s Facebook Page, use a professional headshot and make sure it renders well in the “square” icon Facebook places it into. You can learn more about Facebook’s photo dimensions for Facebook Pages here.

5. Build an audience by sending one-time emails to business contacts and friends. Also include links to your firm’s Facebook Page in in select places such as email signatures and on your law firm’s website. Send a one-time invite to select contacts on Facebook as well.

6. Photos foster the greatest engagement. One way to include photos on your page is to post photos of people from your law firm–this helps to humanize your law firm. Increase engagement by tagging photos and permitting “open tagging.” You can learn more about that process here.

7. Create and invite people to firm events to increase engagement. Follow this link for an explanation on how to do that.

8. Another way to increase engagement is to share interesting content, including links to relevant articles written by others, links to your law firm’s blog posts, or humorous posts. But whenever interacting on social media, always keep my social media engagement formula in mind. You can read more about that formula and other rules of online engagement here.

To learn more about how lawyers can use Facebook to forward their law firm’s goals, watch a recording of our recent webinar, “Mastering Facebook for Lawyers,” with Jacob Sapochnick, a San Diego immigration attorney whose law firm’s Facebook Page has proven to be tremendously successful for his business.

–Nicole Black

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