Tips For Using LinkedIn Endorsements

LinkedIn recently introduced a number of new features, including LinkedIn endorsements, which allow LinkedIn users to recognize their connections for their areas of expertise.

To endorse a colleague, pull up their LinkedIn Profile and you’ll see recommended areas of expertise for that person. Then click on the appropriate areas of expertise or add categories of your own choosing:

For a quick overview of the endorsement feature, check out this slide deck created by LinkedIn:

Can LinkedIn endorsements benefit your law practice? It certainly has the potential to do so. By strategically using LinkedIn endorsements, you can:

  • Stay on your colleagues’ radar, especially those who might refer cases to you
  • Highlight your colleagues’ areas of expertise, a simple gesture that will no doubt be appreciated
  • Encourage reciprocal endorsements from your colleagues by adding appropriate skills to your profile
  • Stay connected to your colleagues by sending them a quick thank you when they take the time to endorse you

LinkedIn endorsements are a simple, yet effective new feature. It just takes a second to endorse a colleague. So why not create some good will and see how it benefits your practice?

–Niki Black     .


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