The Verdict Is In:
MyCase Customers Love Workflow!

256px-CourtGavelLast week, we proudly released Workflow, a new, one-of-a-kind feature that is automatically included with the MyCase platform at no additional cost.

Workflow makes it easy to create customized sets of tasks and appointments that can be based on unique date calculations. So, using Workflow, it’s a simple matter to streamline your client intake process, create templates for important dates that relate to specific trials, or calculate and track your local court calendar rules and deadlines. In short, Workflow streamlines your practice by making it more efficient.

But don’t take our word for it! Here’s what some of our customers had to say about Workflow:

  • “Workflow is extremely user-friendly and easy to set up.  For example, within a matter of minutes I was able to put all of my standard tasks related to client intake into a Workflow I labeled “Intake.”  What previously would have taken 5-10 minutes per file will now take about a minute or less each time I open a file.  As I set up more Workflows, I am sure the time saved per file will be even greater for complex task configurations.  I particularly like how Workflow will calculate task dates automatically in relation to key dates, such as reminders and due dates a certain number of days before a limitation expiry.  Best of all, Workflow is intuitive and easy to use.” (Karen Jacques–Kincardine, Ontario Canada)
  • “Thank you for Workflow! It’s amazing! Give whoever came up with Workflow a bonus! I have already set up a Client Intake sheet, so that the first interview becomes the first date trigger. The second workflow comes once the bankruptcy case is filed and in the case of a chapter 13, moving towards confirmation. And the third, if necessary, after confirmation. I will probably work on a fourth that handles post-discharge. And then, next week–the civil cases! You guys are the best!” (Jonathan Becker–Lawrence, Kansas)
  • “We really like Workflow, especially that it implements both the task management and calendar features. Now that we can delegate assigned tasks, it enables Olivia, who handles a lot of our office’s administrative management, to build a template and that will make us much more efficient. Another great thing about Workflows  is that it provides a structure to keep you on track, something that I think that will be really useful. So,Workflow isn’t just a work aid–it’s actually a discipling tool that provides us with a clear and easy way to stay on top of our cases.” (Tom Stubbs–Decatur, Georgia)
  • “Workflows are a great feature that will be particularly helpful to attorneys like myself who need to be reminded of things to perform mundane tasks consistently. It’s a feature I’ve waited for in task management systems for a long time, and I think it’s something every productivity suite should have.” (Josh Camson– Philadelphia, Pennsylvania–via Lawyerist)

Have you taken Workflow for a test drive yet? If not, what are you waiting for? Watch the video below to see it in action, learn more about it here, and sign up for a test drive here. We’re confident that, like our customers, you’re going to love it!

[Edit: View an updated version of MyCase Workflow from MyCase on YouTube.]

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