The Top Fears Of Lawyers [INFOGRAPHIC]

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 1.14.43 PMWe’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: It’s not easy being a lawyer. Between court deadlines, (sometimes) unrealistic client expectations, the need to bring in new business, and the daily pressures of running a law practice, it can be tough to keep your head above water.

That’s why practicing law made the list of the top 10 most stressful careers. That’s also the reason that lawyers have such high rates of depression, substance abuse, and suicide. No doubt about it–practicing law can be a stressful endeavor.

There are many theories as to why practicing law takes such a toll on attorneys. But one thing is clear–lawyers have a lot to worry about, as explained in a recent article in the ABA Journal which covered a study conducted by John Lande, an emeritus professor of law at the University of Missouri. The study was designed to ascertain the fears and worries that lawyers encountered on the job.

According to Professor Lande, some of lawyers’ top fears include:

  • Feeling that their offices or cases are out of control.
  • Changing familiar procedures.
  • Looking foolish by asking certain questions.

As explained in this ABA article, it’s important for lawyers to learn how to effectively manage stress:

“(S)ome lawyers’ fears unnecessarily prevent them from performing well, producing good results for clients, earning more income and experiencing greater satisfaction in their work,” he writes. “Lawyers who can manage their fears effectively are likely to do better than those who do not manage their fears as well.”

One way to reduce stress that was recommended in the article is to practice mindfulness and meditation. If you’re interested in learning more about that, make sure to watch the recording of our recent webinar “Anxiety and Stress Management for Lawyers Through Mindfulness.”

Another way to decrease anxiety is to take control of your law practice by streamlining your law firm’s processes and increasing your productivity. Law firm practice management software like MyCase is a great way to do this. By increasing your efficiency you can spend more time doing what you love–representing your clients–and less time managing your law firm.

To learn more about lawyers’ tops fears and worries and the steps that some lawyers have taken to reduce those stressors, check out the infographic below.

(As always, we encourage you to share and blog about our infographics and slideshows. You can grab an embed of this slideshow from Slideshare here).


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