Resources for Android-Using Lawyers [UPDATED]

(UPDATED below to add Jeffrey Taylor’s G+ community for lawyers who use Androids.)


According to the American Bar Association’s 2013 Legal Technology Survey, more lawyers are going mobile than ever before, with nearly 91% of lawyers surveyed reporting that they have used smartphones in their practices. Of those, 22% used Android devices.  And, 48% of lawyers surveyed reported using a tablet at work, with 9% reporting use of an Android tablet.

So, although Apple dominates the mobile market for lawyers, more and more attorneys are using Android devices–including MyCase customers. That’s why we launched our Android app at ABA Techshow last week (and received rave reviews).

In addition to our new Android app, there are plenty of other apps available for Android-loving lawyers, as we discussed last week in our post about Android apps for lawyers. Of course, there’s more to owning an Android device than just apps. That’s why this week I’m going to cover Android resources for lawyers.

So without further ado, here are some great resources to help you get the most of of your Android devices in your law practice.


  • Droid Lawyer – Oklahoma lawyer Jeffrey Taylor regularly posts about Android apps of interest to attorneys and also provides tips and tricks for making the most of Android devices. His blog is a must read for any lawyer who owns an Android device.
  • Future Lawyer – Although Florida lawyer Rick Georges’ primary focus on his blog is legal technology, he places a heavy emphasis on all things Google and thus he regularly discusses the use of Android devices in a law practice.


  • Android Apps in One Hour For Lawyers, written by attorney Daniel J. Siegel (ABA 2013), discusses an assortment of Android apps designed to help lawyers practice law using their Android devices.

Other resources

  • UPDATE: Jeffrey Taylor has founded a G+ community for lawyers who use Androids. You can join it here.
  • While not focused on Google or Android devices, Law Technology Today, a blog run by the American Bar Association’s Law Practice Management Section, also discusses, among other legal technology topics, the use of Android devices by law firms, so it’s definitely worth following the Android tag on their blog.
  • Attorney at Work is another great blog that regularly covers legal technology topics, including posts about using Androids in law practice, so make sure to regularly check in and read their Android posts.
  • The University of Wisconsin Law Library offers a great and very thorough guide for lawyers interested in using Android devices in their law practice. There is an introductory guide along with a vast array of apps categorized to make it easy for you to sort through all of the app offerings that might be of interest.

So, Android-loving lawyers–jump right in and learn everything you need to know about using Android devices in your law practice. And if you think I left out a great resource, let me know in the comments!

–Nicole Black

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