The Reviews Are In:
MyCase Saves Our Customers Time And Money

quickbooksEarlier this week, we were pleased to announce the release of one of our most requested features: Quickbooks integration. This seamless integration is unlike anything else available on the market. Using this integration, with just the click of a button you’ll be able to:

  • Sync trust account activity
  • Create the customer in QuickBooks if they do not already exist
  • Include payment syncing into QuickBooks as it comes in on invoices.

Our main goal with this integration–and all of our new releases and product updates–is to save our customers time and and money by helping to streamline their law practices. And guess what? According to our customers, our latest releases are already paying off!

  • “Before this integration, payment management was one of the biggest headaches in our office. Now that we can use QuickBooks in conjunction with MyCase, it’s a major benefit not only to our staff but also to our clients because our billing will be faster and more accurate.” (David Black–Phoenix, Arizona)
  • “There are some features that I would like to see improved or added but I won’t even bother mentioning them. When I log on tomorrow, they just might be there – that is what happened recently with the addition of a Workflow feature. A very pleasant surprise that has really streamlined some file management tasks. I also really like the true robust portability of MyCase with file access on my iPhone, iPad or Computer – not just a few features like some other systems. Thanks to MyCase, my sometimes office is a spot on the beach where I can enjoy the sand-dunes and waves!” (Karen Jacques–Kincardine, Ontario Canada)
  • “My partner, Erick…did the setup yesterday with no issues. The whole thing took under an hour. Someone from MyCase was on the phone with him to help him set up all of the accounts. This means when we create an invoice in MyCase, it goes into accounts receivable in Quickbooks. When we accept a payment on an invoice, it’s marked as paid…It looks like overall this will definitely cut down on the time spent managing the books. And, more importantly, will make sure there are no issues with typos or human error when transferring data manually from MyCase to Quickbooks, like we were doing before.” (Josh Camson–Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

Interested in learning more about the Quickbooks integration? Watch the video below to see it in action and learn more about it here. Find out how MyCase’s latest integration can save your law practice time and money!

View an updated video of MyCase & Quickbooks Integration from MyCase on YouTube.


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