Product Update From MyCase’s VP Of Product & Design

I’m Tracy Stevens, the VP of Product and Design at MyCase. Basically this means that my team determines the direction that we’re going to take the product and works directly with the development teams to ensure that we’re building software that makes you more effective and efficient in your practice and allows you to deliver a better experience to your clients. We are responsible for reading all of the customer feedback, conducting user research, and staying on top of industry and technology trends. But more importantly, we’re the connection between our customers and the development team, so we need to really understand what you’re trying to accomplish in order to be more successful in your practice and then make sure this insight is shared broadly throughout the organization so that it’s integral to everything that we build.

What can you expect from MyCase in 2017

As we head into 2017 I couldn’t be more excited. A lot of the work we did last year for MyCase was on things that are very important but not always seen by customers—like enhanced security, scalability, and overall performance of the software. We will be doing deeper dives on our product development activities in the future but here are some highlights of what our teams have recently released and are currently working on.

The first thing on our agenda toward the end of 2016 was to make sure that we were delivering on the promises we already made to you. To this end we released brand new versions of our Outlook and Quickbooks integrations that provide more functionality and are much easier to use. We don’t believe in “integrations in name only”—products that claim to work together but don’t quite deliver what users expect. Our belief about integrations is that if they’re important enough to do then we need to be committed to doing them well. We think we’ve done that with both Outlook and Quickbooks and will maintain that high standard with any integrations we do in the future.

Mobile – We are continuing to enhance our mobile apps, both iOS and Android. Small firm and solo attorneys are on the go more than attorneys at larger firms. And rather than just assume our customers use their mobile phones the same way they use their laptops and desktop computers, we really studied how small firm and solo practitioners use (or would like to use) their mobile devices and the specific activities they need to be able to do when they’re away from their desks. So now we’re focused on doing those things really well and leveraging the unique attributes of smartphones to provide unparalleled access to information and improved efficiencies.

Client Portal – We’ve already made numerous improvements to the client portal experience and have an entire team focused on continuing to add more value to that piece of MyCase. If you’re looking for ways to improve your customer experience and haven’t taken a look at our client portal recently, you should. We’ve heard rave reviews from customers who are using the portal to improve efficiencies in their client interactions, customers who are expanding their geographic service areas, and customers who are using the client portal as a way to complement the high level of customer service they are already providing to their clients. In fact, over 50% of MyCase customers already have five or more clients on the client portal and we’re expecting that number to grow with the recent and upcoming improvements.

Payments – Last year we enhanced our payments platform with integrated billing, credit card payments, and free ACH.We know that getting paid and reducing the time spent on administrative tasks are two important problems that our customers face on a daily basis. Our approach allows us to provide more functionality and reduce the time required to track time, create and share invoices with clients, receive funds, and understand and improve your receivables. It also enables us to extend our award-winning customer service to all of your payments needs—so that you don’t have to deal with a third-party provider who may not have the same standards for customer service as we do.

The payments team recently made the entire client-facing payment process mobile friendly and the number of our customers’ clients making payments from their phones has skyrocketed. For our customers, this has translated into a greater number of invoices getting paid and getting paid faster. We also recently released an initial version of a payment reminder functionality and are already seeing thousands of reminders being sent for overdue invoices. In one case we saw a payment made by a client only 3 minutes after the reminder was sent!

Quick Wins Based on Customer Feedback

Many of our customers provide feedback through the in-product feedback link and I want to assure you that we read every single suggestion and truly appreciate that so many of you take the time to share your ideas with us. I know… you’re skeptical. Everyone says that right? (“Your call is important to us…”)

Rest assured, we’re listening. For example, we recently included the ability to add reminders on tasks, provided more visibility to client activities in the portal (like seeing when your clients have viewed a document), added multiple timers, and provided the ability to send payment reminders to clients. Some of the next things to get rolled out will be additional sorting capabilities on table views and several new reports that will enable you to have a better understanding of your business. There are numerous other product improvements we are exploring and we look forward to continuing to evolve the product based on your feedback.

And on the subject of feedback, all of the MyCase product and development teams are talking to customers every day to make sure we truly understand the challenges you’re facing and your ideas for making the product even better. If you’re a customer of ours and would like to be more involved in the product development process and participate in some of our customer research activities—like giving feedback on early design concepts or prototypes, beta testing features before they’re released to the public, or having a few MyCase designers or developers into your office to observe how you use MyCase—please let us know. (You will not be committing to anything when you sign up—only stating a willingness to have our teams reach out to you with various opportunities to share your opinions—you can always pick and choose which ones you want to participate in.)

There are a number of other ways that we’re planning to evolve the product this year and we’re looking forward to continuing this journey side-by-side with our current customers and new customers.

Tracy Stevens
Vice President of Product and Design

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