New Release:
Updated time and billing features!

MyCase is extremely proud to announce the release of several new features, the most notable of which is our redesigned Invoicing suite.

We have taken all the feedback we received from our users about how they interact with time and billing and used it to build an industry leading application. You will now have complete flexibility in the way that you invoice. From editing invoices to accepting multiple types of payment on one invoice, the choice is yours. We took the reigns off the system and freed up our users. And if it were possible, we even made the user interface more intuitive. We will continue to release additional enhancements for time and billing over the next couple weeks to improve the product even more.

The new time and billing features are extensive and we want to be sure that you are able to get the most it. We have created a comprehensive help library to walk you through the different things that you can now do in time and billing, available at We also encourage you to schedule a webinar with one of our customer happiness ambassadors in order to fully appreciate the new application.

The other major update included as part of this release is a graphic change. As you will see, we have changed the look of MyCase just slightly. Everything still works the same and everything under the navigation bar looks the same, we just modified the top of the screen and main navigation bar to look sleeker and more user friendly. We also gave MyCase what is called a ‘liquid display’. This means that you can now take advantage of the extra real estate that windscreen monitors provide. As you expand and contract your browser window, the page you are viewing will expand and contract as well, bringing with it additional columns that can be displayed on wider monitors.

There are several other small features that you will likely notice while performing various tasks in MyCase. We are very proud of the job our development and design teams have done to make MyCase the best in class when it comes to client communication and time and billing.

We’ll be releasing this update early Sunday morning (7/10), between 3:00am and 6:00am PDT. We anticipate about an hour of downtime while we perform the upgrade.

Thanks for your continued support!

Your MyCase Team

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