New Release:
Calendar Updates & Contact Archiving

The MyCase Team is pleased to announce the release of some long anticipated features! We’ve added lots of improvements to our calendar and the ability to archive old contacts. All of these updates are already available on your account.

  • Calendar Updates
  • You can now create events that span multiple days, as well as creating all day events.
  • Now you can view the calendars of all the other users in your firm, making it easier to schedule meetings and see when your colleagues are busy.
  • New privacy controls that allow you to specify which users can view and/or edit other users’ calendars.
  • You can also create private events that won’t show be visible to other users in your firm (they’ll just see a busy block of time).
  • Contact Archiving
Now you can also archive old contacts and optionally disable login for those users. Archived contacts won’t appear on your normal lists, but you can still access them in a special “Archived Contacts” section. The MyCase Team is hard at work on all of our archiving code, so expect to be able to archive old cases and documents soon as well.Last but not least, we’ve got some surprises in the works for the ABA TECHSHOW coming up next week. Stay tuned for details…We’re interested in your opinion of the new features so please email us with your comments. And as always, if you have questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by email, or by phone at (800) 571-8062.Sincerely,
The MyCase Team

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