Statute of Limitations & Payment History Now on Invoices

The MyCase team has released several new features which are available to be used immediately. Below you will find a list of each feature that was pushed out to you already.

Payment History On Invoices
You are now able to include a detailed payment history for a particular invoice on the invoice itself. This is a firm setting that can be turned on and off in the firm setting section of your MyCase account. When turned on, every invoice will include a payment history.

Statute Of Limitations
We have made statute of limitations a default field on cases. This is a setting that can be turned on and off from within your firm settings of MyCase. With statute of limitations enabled as a firm setting, there are several features that you are able to take advantage of right now.

SOL – Completion
Each case can have a statute of limitations date set on it. Once this date has been satisfied, you can easily mark the SOL as being satisfied from the case details screen.

SOL – Reporting
We have created a new report under the “Case Reports” entitled Statute of Limitations. This report will give you a list of all of your cases and their corresponding SOL dates. You are able to toggle on and off satisfied dates appearing on that report as well.

SOL – Calendar
When you have SOL enabled, you will notice a new calendar available to you in your calendar view. This view will allow you to see all your SOL dates on the calendar. They will appear in the same way that all day events appear.

As always, these features are available to you immediately and we are here to help you should you need any assistance. We also want to let you know, in case you have not seen any of the press surrounding it over the past two weeks, we have brand new iPhone and iPad apps awaiting approval by the app store, so get excited!

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