Why You Need Your Bar Association – And The Perks!

This post was written by Stephanie Phelan, manager of events and bar association relationships. If you are interested in a member benefit for your bar association, feel free to reach out to Stephanie: stephanie.phelan@mycase.com.

Practice Management Advisors (PMA’s) were not around when the American Bar Association was founded back in 1878. In fact, when the founders drafted the ABA constitution and included a goal “to advance the science of jurisprudence,” they surely never thought this concept would include things like virtual law offices, legal practice management software, or artificial intelligence.

Yes, times have changed. But the roles of national, state, and local bar associations have remained essential to attorneys across the US. Lawyers look to bar associations for many reasons. In addition to being a great place to attend CLEs and a hub for networking and meeting fellow attorneys, bar associations are also an excellent resource for helping you to manage your law practice.

Say “Hey!” to your local bar PMA

Practice Management Advisors (PMA’s) provide education and resources for solo and small firms trying to run an efficient business — and you can talk to them for free! You know all the things they didn’t teach you in law school about collecting payments from clients and the technologies that can help manage your firm? There’s a solution for that! It’s a “practice management assistance program” (PMAPs), and there’s a good chance that your local bar association has one. 

PMAPS are where you can go to for advice and help from advisors for those exact questions. And PMAs stay up-to-date on legal-specific software and technology trends and requirements, so chances are they’ll give you much better advice for your law firm than you’ll get by searching Google.

So if you ever feel overwhelmed about your options, ask a Practice Management Advisor (Practice Management Advisor (PMA) at your local Bar Association!

A goal for many bar associations is be ahead of the legal technology curve.

At the LawSites blog, Bob Ambrogi has been providing updates on the number of states that have adopted the ethical duty of technology competence (now at 27), and this trend doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon.

For example, the Florida Bar has made Technology CLEs a requirement, mandating that Florida attorneys earn 3 credits of legal technology per biennial cycle, and the State Bar of Michigan has gone so far as to create a “21st Century Task Force” to support legal technology innovation for its members.

It’s clear that the conversation has changed from technology being ‘disruptive’ to it being crucial to  your practice. So call your PMA and get their input to help your law firm stay ahead of the legal technology curve.

And then there are the perks…..

Bar associations offer member discounts on everything from rental cars and retirement plans to – you guessed it – legal practice management software! This means you can make all of these perks work in your favor: your firm is more efficient with legal practice management software, which allows you extra time for a vacation (hence the rental car), all the while planning for retirement!

bar association perksPartnering with bar associations to help lawyers improve their practices is a priority at MyCase. That’s why MyCase is currently partnered with, and offers a discount to, over 30 National, state, and local bar associations.

Our newest partnership is with the Missouri Bar.  The Missouri Bar Association is a mandatory bar association with over 30,000 members — and now all of those members are eligible for a 10% lifetime discount on MyCase legal practice management softwareMyCase has exhibited at the Missouri Solo and Small Conference for the past several years, and we’ll be there again this year in June. We’re looking forward to sharing this extra perk with Missouri lawyers!

If you don’t see your bar association listed here, and you wish it were, tell us about it! Just email stephanie.phelan@mycase.com.

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