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Bob Leonard Law Group

Bob Leonard Law Group


Bob Leonard Jr. has a bright career history spanning the state capitol to the courthouse, formerly serving as an elected state Representative and having practiced law since 1975. Passionate about family law and with a keen focus on delivering exceptional customer care, he founded the Bob Leonard Law Group to meet clients’ every need. The practice’s particular services include adoption, estate planning, divorce law, mediation and more. Leonard has set himself apart as the leader of the firm by being named a Top Attorney in Fort Worth Texas Magazine every year since 2003, and being Board Certified in Family Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, a claim that fewer than one percent of Texas lawyers can make. The Bob Leonard Law Group’s progressive approach to family law pairs cutting edge technology with a commitment to the highest standards of service and excellence.

The Pursuit for Better Technology in the Cloud

When Leonard was a solo attorney, he used several interfacing systems for his documentation and billing needs. “But as we got bigger, it wasn’t big enough,” recalled firm CEO Sydney Leonard. As the practice grew, another system was adopted but the team was still dissatisfied with the software’s limitations.

“We wanted to go into the cloud,” said Leonard, noting that the group promotes its tech-friendly practice as a selling point. “These days people want to do everything online. Firms who don’t acknowledge that end up closing their doors. Offering the newest technology shows people we stay contemporary with the times.”

After deciding to adopt a cloud-based platform, the team tried out the top three systems. “We run two hundred cases at a time and we do billing twice a month so it’s a pretty big job. We need a robust system,” said Leonard.

Determined to go into the cloud, the leadership talked at length with the customer service teams at all three software companies to see who could develop the solutions they needed. That ultimately was a significant factor in the decision to choose MyCase.

“We really liked the MyCase people the best out of everyone we talked to,” Leonard said. “We got great service and it was such an easy program to use from the get-go – very user-friendly.”

The firm was also seeking a new website option, as its original five-year contract with a website company was set to expire. “As our contract neared its end, we looked into hiring private Web designers; we looked into everything. We needed a site up quickly before the other one expired. Then MyCase emailed us that day about their Websites features.”

MyCase Websites Made all the Difference

Since implementing MyCase, the Bob Leonard Law Group has found that the platform’s benefits have transformed almost every part of the practice – and saved both the staff and attorneys considerable time. And while many features are important to the team, the websites offering is what has made the Bob Leonard Law Group loyal fans of MyCase.

MyCase’s website solution won the firm over largely because of its professional capabilities and affordable pricing. The fact that the website would be integrated with the MyCase platform was very appealing, since the company was eager to maximize its use of its website to drive new business, keep existing customers content, and ultimately be a tool for generating referrals. The company was also looking for an easier way to facilitate client-attorney communication, and a polished virtual ‘storefront’ that would position it in a friendly, yet highly professional light. It also wanted more control and agility in updating website content, and had an idea of specific features on its wish list to have incorporated as well.

The MyCase website has delivered upon all this – and more. When Leonard first heard about the offering, she told the customer service team that she needed the site up right away and was assured it wouldn’t be a problem.

“I was amazed at how quickly MyCase got our site up and running,” she recalled. “The customer service and support was second to none throughout the entire process. The site has a professional look and feel, and it integrates with MyCase LPMS perfectly. Best of all, we save so much money with it that we can turn around and put those cost savings into SEO and Pay-Per-Click ads. We love everything about MyCase, but it’s the website that really saved the day for us and impressed us immensely.”

In addition to the website, several other features are considered favorites by the Bob Leonard Law Group. “We like the Workflow feature a lot and use that instead of checklists,” said Leonard. “It’s been a tremendous help. The client portal also helps because the clients can see updates and respond in real time, which helps us to be responsive to opposing parties. Ultimately it saves our clients money, because we have to contact them less.”

Leonard mentioned that was just one reason the client portal was such a popular feature. “It’s awesome for our clients – they can log in from anywhere and view all of their case documents and updates anytime they want. It makes them feel like a part of the process. They feel more in control and that’s important with family law.” She added that the client portal helps attract new customers: “It’s been a huge boost to our conversion rate.”


As it approaches its second year anniversary with MyCase, The Bob Leonard Law Group plans to continue using the platform to offer clients the best customer service possible.  “We can’t say enough nice things about MyCase,” Leonard said. “It’s really made a difference for us on so many levels.

Results include:

  • Professional-looking marketing collateral via an optimized, integrated website
  • Enhanced client satisfaction
  • Efficient and faster office processes
  • Technically sophisticated practice image
  • Financial savings

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