MyCase Releases Sub-folders

foldersAt MyCase, we’re committed to delivering an amazing product along with frequent and valuable updates. That’s why over the past two months we’ve rolled out lots of new enhancements to MyCase, including batch printing of invoices, total hours on invoices, evergreen trust balances, and a date calculator tool.

Our most recent release was Folders and what a great response we received from our customers! Over 100,000 documents were moved into folders. That’s a lot of documents!

But we didn’t stop there. As part of our continuing commitment to regularly release new features and then rapidly improve them based on feedback, we listened to our customers’ comments and rolled out the ability to add sub-folders, along with other enhancements on January 19th, just two weeks after the initial launch.

The response and feedback have been amazing. It’s so rewarding for our entire team to help create a responsive product tailored to our customers’ needs that makes their lives easier, increases the efficiency of their law firms, and helps to save them time and money.

But we’re only just getting started and are looking forward to continuing to make enhancements MyCase to help improve our customers’ law practices throughout all of 2015!

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