MyCase Product Docket No. 20150911

The MyCase Engineering and Product teams have steadily cranked through a handful of updates, enhancements and added new features for MyCase users and their clients the past few weeks. In fact, there are so many to cover in this Product Docket, we’re going to skip the witty blog post intro and jump right into it!

MyCase Payments

1. MyCase ACH Payments

In October, we released a massive new feature that could change the way you handle invoicing and accepting payments from your clients forever: MyCase ACH Payments. Now MyCase users can accept online payments directly from client checking accounts (also known as eCheck, Automated Clearing House or ACH payments) through your MyCase account — for FREE with no transaction or processing fees! In case you missed it, we’ve covered MyCase Payments in a in-depth blog series that dives deep into ACH and how accepting online eChecks can benefit not only your firm but even your clients. Be sure to check out our previous posts to get all the details!

  1. Introducing MyCase ACH Payments
  2. MyCase Payments: What is An ACH Payment?
  3. MyCase Payments: The Benefits for Law Firms
  4. MyCase Payments: The Benefits for Law Firm Clients
  5. MyCase Payments: How it Works – Signing Up for MyCase Payments
  6. What Our Customers Are Saying About MyCase Payments

MyCase Viewing Permissions

2. Viewing permissions in the billing dashboard

Now when viewing the billing dashboard, firm users that have permission to only view linked cases will no longer see full trust account and invoice overviews. This allows you better control over who sees your firm’s finances whether it’s staff or co-counsel.

Save and Invoice

3. Add an invoice after case creation

For MyCase customers who use flat fee billing in their practice the majority of the time, the “Add Invoice After Case Creation” feature will help streamline the invoicing process even more. Now customers can invoice their clients immediately after the case is added via the Case Creation Wizard.

After you set up a case and link your clients to it, just click the “Save & Invoice” button to create and send an invoice right away (and make sure to use MyCase ACH payments to get paid even faster than ever via eCheck)!

Auto Save

4. Auto Save When Writing Messages

Now as you draft messages to your clients in MyCase, the messages will automatically be saved as you write! So the next time you’re writing that message in the middle of the night during a thunderstorm and the power unexpectedly goes out — don’t worry, your message will have been saved just seconds before the outage and will be waiting for you under Drafts the next time you log in!

Document Name

5. Auto-add document name to single document upload

Previously, when uploading a single document into MyCase, you would have to manually add the document name into the “Doc. Name” field. Now, the document name will automatically be created for you and you can move ahead with your business! You may recall that Batch Document Uploads already have this functionality and as always, you can customize the document name or remove the extension name at any time.


6. Send Messages, Add Comments and Edit Notes in iOS Browsers

Previously when accessing MyCase on an iOS device or tablet, in order to send a message, add a comment or edit notes, customer would sometimes encounter issues. Now that this has been updated, when accessing MyCase via mobile browser in iOS, you’ll have the full functionality for messages, comments and notes as you have on desktop.

7. A handful of other updates and enhancements to make your life easier!

In addition to the updates above, our teams also “crushed some bugs” and made a slew of other improvements, including:

  • Fixing for errors on invoice payment plans, transaction refunds, and trust balances that resulted in a residual $0.01 displaying.
  • Some users had formatting issues when printing multi-page documents — this has been fixed!
  • Fixes for issues encountered when adding time entry dates on mobile applications.
  • Messages, Comments and Notes support on Microsoft Edge browsers.
  • The case or default billing rate is now added on new time entry form for mobile apps.

And, as always, you can get the latest product updates as they’re rolled out via the “What’s New” bubble at the top of the screen when you are logged in to your MyCase account.

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