MyCase Product Docket No. 20150708

There’s nothing like the sweet smell of summer to help stoke the fires of the MyCase coding Rockstars, and the entire MyCase development team was excited to roll out a handful of new features last month in July.

Save and New Feature1. ‘Save and New’ button on expense entries

Firm users enabled with Billing permissions will enjoy the benefits of the most recent feature added in last month: the “Save and New” button on Expense entries! You can now enter multiple expense entries directly from the “Add Expense” form, allowing you to move through your billing entries with fewer clicks, so you can spend more time practicing law and spend less time on administrative tasks.

Once you’ve entered your first expense entry, click the “Save and New” button and watch the Case Name automatically update to the next Expense entry. Everyone from the solo firm user to the firm administrative assistant or paralegal will benefit from bulk entry features like Save and New on expenses with advantages such as:

  • Faster bulk expense entry
  • Less clicks to enter expenses than before
  • Automatically populates case information from previous entries.

Default Terms and Conditions

2. Default Invoice Terms and Conditions and Default Payment Terms

MyCase billing also got easier with the new addition of “Default Invoice Terms and Conditions.” Based on your feedback, we’ve added the ability to add default terms and conditions to all invoices (and you still have the ability to update or customize T&C’s if needed when creating the invoice).

The Default Invoice Terms & Conditions can be updated in your Firm Settings section and you must have access to your Firm Preferences page of your MyCase account to add or edit. For more information, please visit the MyCase Support article.

Default Payment Terms

To give you an even more streamlined billing flow, we also released a default setting for Payment Terms. Now you can determine when your firm’s invoice is due for all of your invoices automatically! Options via drop down menu include Due Date, Due on Receipt, Net 15, Net 30, and Net 60.

Mark as Unread

3. Mark as ‘Unread’ for documents and messages

Ever checked a message or document in MyCase but wanted to make sure you remembered to go back at a later time and look at it again, or respond when you had more time?

Now, you can mark any message or document as ‘unread’! Try out these new features today on the Versions tab of any document details screen, or while viewing a Messages conversation. You’ll see the “Mark Unread” button along the top of the screen under the menu — all you need to do is click that button.

And even though as Rockstars we play our music loud, we’re listening to your feedback even louder — like on 11! Please continue to let us know what you think and until next month’s MyCase Product Docket — Stay Calm and MyCase on!

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