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Shawn Tuma | Dallas, Texas Technology and Business Attorney

tumaEverything’s bigger in Texas. At least, that’s what they always say. And Shawn Tuma’s enthusiasm for his work is no exception. For Shawn, practicing law is more than just a job–it’s something that he truly enjoys. “My job is like a puzzle. Everything I do is very analytical and I’m always learning something new each and every day,” he explains.  “I love the law and am one of those rare people who actually loved law school because I enjoy the process of learning.”

Life is a learning experience

Shawn is one of those people who is always busy and never sits still–and he likes it that way. Learning is a way of life for him, which is why he finds being a business and technology attorney in Dallas, Texas so enjoyable: “I love to learn new things. That’s why some of my main areas of practice, computer fraud and cyber-crime, are so well-suited to me. I’m able to watch an evolving body of law develop right before my eyes. And even more importantly, I’m able to play a role in helping to shape it.”

His areas of practice are a natural fit for him. According to Shawn, it was happenstance–and Y2K fears–that lead him down this path. “I started learning about the perceived Y2K threat while I was in law school and wrote a paper about it in 1998. So, when I graduated and started working in a larger firm in 1999, there was a push to get an understanding of it, so they had me do presentations on it even before I had my law license,” he laughs. “And then in December 1999, I was invited to speak on it for a law school symposium the following spring. Then the New Year came–and nothing happened, but I still had to speak about the Y2K phenomenon even though it was a moot issue! So a few months later, there I was, tasked with speaking for an hour about a non-event. Needless to say, it was a memorable speaking debut!”

 A career infused with technology

Because of his Y2K knowledge and his resulting familiarity with the Internet law and technology, Shawn began to handle matters related to the enforceability of Internet contracts. He also handled a number of fraud cases and from that, a career was born: “I began to see the intersection of fraud and technology, since nearly all of the fraud I was seeing was being committed using technology. This lead to work with the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, which is my main focus now.”

It was his familiarity with technology and security that lead him to move his law firm to the cloud. According to Shawn, when he and his partner left their former firm to establish their own, effectively using technology was a top priority: “One of the issues that united my partner and I was technology. The technology at our former firm had been incredibly outdated and people spent more time trying to make things work instead of representing clients. We weren’t going to make that same mistake. We knew that by using the best technology available we would be able to provide our clients with the best representation possible.”

MyCase–the key to a technologically advanced law office

Because Shawn’s primary focus was security, MyCase was an easy choice. He explains that he tested a number of cloud-based law practice management platforms, but MyCase stood out because it was so secure: “I looked at the others about 2 years ago, but I liked MyCase’s emphasis on security. This was a big issue for me, since I handle computer fraud and data breach issues. We wanted a secure way to share documents with clients that didn’t involve unsecure email and MyCase fit the bill.”

But it wasn’t just MyCase’s security that sold Shawn; also impressive was its ease of use and MyCase’s full fledged feature set. “The client portal was key,”  Shawn says. “It was a selling point for my partner–we wanted clients to have immediate access to case-related information.”

It’s all about the clients at Shawn’s firm, as it should be. And, MyCase makes it easy for the firm to be client-focused: “One of the things we try to do even though we have an office is go right to our clients since they prefer that. So I spend a lot of time on the road going our clients and I like to enter time as I go, otherwise we lose track of it. The mobile app helps a lot–it’s so user-friendly. And, by helping me to accurately track my time, MyCase literally pays for itself.  Even more important, clients appreciate knowing that I keep accurate time and bill as I go.”

Parting thoughts

“What has kept us with MyCase is that from day 1,  just about every feature request I’ve made has been implemented. They’ve always been responsive and the company is constantly updating the platform and growing. I like that because that’s exactly what we’re trying to do with our firm.”

That’s why one of Shawn’s favorite quotes is from Matthew 25:29: “For the man who uses well what he is given shall be given more, and he shall have abundance.” Shawn explains: “To me that means I should try to live honorably and know I’ve given my very best. If I’ve done that, I know I can be at peace with the outcome and will never have to second guess myself or ask ‘What if?'”

–Nicole Black

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