A MyCase Practice:
Sahar Malek Law, APC

Firm: Sahar Malek Law, APC
Location: Beverly Hills, California
Practice Areas: Personal Injury, Consumer Rights
Number of Attorneys: 1
Year Established: 2016
Efficiency Increase Because of MyCase: 40-50%

A Bit of Backstory

Sahar Malek is an entrepreneur at heart. For her, running a successful solo practice means conducting an efficient, ethically run, and properly organized business.

We asked her how MyCase fits into her business objectives and her practice as a whole.

Tell me a bit about your practice and your experience with MyCase.

My practice is about 60% personal injury and 40% lemon law.

I started using MyCase in 2013. I was right out of law school, and I worked very closely with an attorney and mentor of mine to manage his cases. I wanted to make sure I didn’t lose track of anything, so I started using MyCase.

My next career move was to join a larger firm. At this firm, I noticed that there were a lot of client files falling through the cracks. I knew from my experience that having case management software would help avoid that. They didn’t use a practice management solution, so I introduced them MyCase.

When I became a solo, I signed up with MyCase again. Three times now, I’ve chosen you guys!

“You’re ahead of the ball with MyCase.”

In the second firm you worked at, what made you use MyCase again instead of changing the office organization?

Using practice management software means that everything gets done in one place. For example, if there’s someone working on an hourly billable case, and someone else working on contingency, MyCase allows for both of those cases to be run at the same time.

Additionally, your accounting department has access to the firm’s information and doesn’t have to hound each attorney for their hourly billing every month. It’s a central source of truth.

Why did you become a solo and how did you decide to use MyCase again when you started your own business?

I was made for solo work. I’ve always been entrepreneurial and it was never a question as to whether or not I should be on my own, it was just a matter of when I felt comfortable enough to start my own business.

I conducted a lot of research when I first was looking for law practice management software. I looked through the top 6 that are meant for small firms: Rocket Matter, Clio, Abacus, and few other ones. MyCase was always the winner.

“I am a businessperson before I’m an attorney. And for me, using MyCase is smart business.”

What was it like building a practice from the ground up, and using software right off the bat?

It’s much easier than moving solutions in the middle of an established practice. When I convinced my old boss to get legal practice management software, it took time to move information from servers and files. If you start from the beginning and input as you build your practice, it’s much easier.

Tell me about building your website through MyCase.

I’m a person of loyalty. If I like a company, I stay with them. Anytime I see that you guys are offering a new feature, and it makes sense for my practice, I give MyCase that business.

In 2016, I handed my website over to MyCase. Since then, every time I need something done, I get an email back in an hour saying it’s been completed.

“The customer service with MyCase is some of the best I’ve ever seen.”

How do you use MyCase outside the office?

Being mobile is very important to me. I love having the flexibility to work outside of the office. Today, for example, all my staff is in my office, but I’m working from home. The fact that I can access everything through MyCase when I’m out of the office is so helpful.

You mentioned the importance of having a smoothly run law practice that can support growth. Could you speak more about that?

I am a businessperson before I’m an attorney. For me, using MyCase is smart business. It’s not about how you go about lawyering; it’s about conducting an efficient, ethically run, properly organized business.

I’ve heard from other attorneys that they fear growth because when you grow, you have to support that growth. I want to have a successful business that allows for growth. Since I started out with MyCase, growing my law practice has been easier, and the fear of growth has dissipated. When you have the proper tools in your arsenal – like MyCase – it catapults you to the top.




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