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Eric Gold | California Estate Planning Attorney

eric goldSometimes, attorneys beget attorneys. That’s exactly what happened with Eric Gold. When I asked him why he became a lawyer, he told me that he did so because of tradition more than anything else: “My father was an attorney, my sister is an attorney, my two uncles are lawyers and so is my brother-in-law and my stepfather. It was a choice that made sense.”

A flexible degree

Since lawyering runs in the family, it’s not surprising that the decision turned out to be a good one. His law degree provided a lot of flexibility and an interesting career path. In the mid-1990s he attended law school at night while running a company during the day. “I obtained my law degree while simultaneously managing a transportation company that I started,” he explains. “After I passed the bar, I continued on as general counsel for the company.”

After that company closed down during the economic downturn, Eric worked in collections, doing both legal work and the collections end of the business. Then, in June 2012, he decided to hang a shingle. He has no regrets.

Solo by choice

According to Eric, he chose his areas of practice based on his undergraduate degrees and interests: “The bulk of my practice is estate planning with some family law mixed in. When I first opened my firm I was jack of all trades but then I narrowed my practice areas down. I have a history in human development and family studies and as I practiced law I found that estate practice was a good fit.”

Eric chose to become a solo with his eyes wide open and one of his main goals was to have full control over all aspects of his practice, both for personal and professional reasons. “When I opened my law firm, it was just me. And I intend to keep it that way. I like doing things on my own. I want to dot the “i”s and cross the “t”s so I don’t have to rely on someone else to do the job properly,” he says. “Also, my work life is designed to amplify my time with my family so I can always be there to support them, whether it’s a game or school event.”

MyCase makes it possible

According to Eric, MyCase is the key to achieving the flexibility and control over his law firm’s workflow that he desires: “It goes back to the nature of my practice. It’s just me and no matter where I am I want to be able to access my cases. I use the MyCase iPad and iPhone apps so that I can access my files and collaborate with my clients.”

The ability to instantly communicate using the MyCase portal is incredibly important to Eric and his clients. “What I believe sets me apart from other firms is that if somebody calls, they’re going to get me or my voicemail and they know I’ll be the one returning the call,” he says. “Client messaging is another great feature that works really well for me because of the nature of my practice and the lifestyle that I like to lead. I try to ensure that all client communications go through MyCase because it’s much more secure and because the thread messaging is much more organized than emails. The client portal is a great feature because when I’m not in my office and someone sends me a message in MyCase—I can immediately pull it up on my iOS device and respond.”

MyCase: the best choice

It was MyCase’s flexibility, intuitiveness, and robust feature set that sold Eric at the outset, when he was first researching law practice management software. “When I started my practice I did a demos of four different law practice management platforms,” he shares. “Then I looked at MyCase. I’m not sure if I even waited for the entire demo to end before I signed up. The interface was very simple and easy to use and that’s exactly what I was looking for. Importantly, I liked the fact that it was Mac friendly since I do everything on a Mac.”

One of Eric’s favorite MyCase features is Workflows. “With the addition of Workflows it adds a level of simplicity. I do a lot of probate work for my estate practice, which is a very technical area of law and you have to follow a number of steps and it’s made the process simpler.”

He also uses Workflows to manage his client intake. “I use Workflows in a way that mimics a task flow process used by my transportation business,” he explains. “So I use a specific workflow that I created when I speak to a new prospect. It includes notes and then calendars a follow up reminder so I ensure everything is going as expected, such as receiving specific documents. It helps me to maintain the appropriate follow up with existing clients or prospective clients so I don’t lose revenue.”

Parting advice

Eric’s advice to new solos? Find a mentor:” I would have loved to have had a mentor when I first started my practice. Instead it was just trial by fire. So find a mentor. It’ll make all the difference!”

–Nicole Black

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