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C. Todd Smith | Orlando Personal Injury Lawyer

todd smithFor some lawyers, technology is more than just a set of tools–it’s a way to provide the best legal services to their clients. C. Todd Smith is one of those lawyers.

For Todd, using technology to provide excellent client service is incredibly important since it helps his personal injury law firm, C.Todd Smith Law, stand out from the larger firms by providing exceptional legal representation: “As a small firm, the way we compete with larger Orlando personal injury firms who spend lots of money on advertising is to get our client’s cases resolved efficiently. We really strive for excellent customer service and we use technology to accomplish that.”

Technology: the key to success

Technology has always been a differentiating factor for Todd’s firm. He founded his firm nearly 15 years ago and, from the very start, embraced technology as a way to streamline and market his practice. According to Todd, his willingness to learn about and use technologies has made all the difference: “Unfortunately, many lawyers react negatively to technology and changes in our practice. Instead of being reactive I prefer to be proactive.”

That’s why his firm starting using social media in 2009–long before most attorneys knew what it was. “I’ve been focused on social media for the last few years. For example, I created my law firm’s Facebook page back in 2009,” he explains. “But I don’t just use social media for marketing. It’s also a great way to communicate with current and former clients.”

Understanding the possibilities of a paperless office

But it wasn’t just social media that Todd’s firm embraced long before most lawyers–he also moved to a paperless office early on. “When I heard about cloud computing and storing documents online I was fascinated by the possibilities and learned as much as I could about it. And once I did, knew it was where the future was going and I wanted to get ahead of the curve,” he says. “We’ve been paperless — and by that I mean we use far ‘less paper’ than we used to–for 6 years now.”

Once Todd had transitioned to a paperless office, moving to the cloud simply made sense. As Todd notes, the benefits are tremendous: “When you move your firm to the cloud, you have your whole practice right in your hand. The future is mobility and the cloud is the key to achieving that.”

MyCase: the obvious choice

Todd carefully researched all of the cloud-based law practice management systems before settling on MyCase. In the end, it was the comprehensive feature set and the user-friendly interface that won him over: “I used Amicus for many years and liked it, but two years ago I started looking in cloud-based case management options. MyCase caught my attention because it was so intuitive. I really like the contact management features and the calendar is so easy to use. And it’s incredibly helpful that the dashboard shows upcoming events at a glance.”

Another feature that stood out was the built-in communication portal. “My favorite feature is the client portal. So many of my clients have iPads now and they love being able to use the MyCase app to look at their case and communicate with us,” he explains. “During their intake appointment we introduce our clients to the portal and encourage them to use it to upload documents and other files, such as photos of their injuries or damage to their vehicles–directly to their case. The feedback from our clients has been great!”

Parting words 

For Todd, it’s all about helping others, whether it’s representing his clients better by using technology or helping to make his community a better place. “I am a big believer in giving back to other people, since doing so leads to a richer and fuller life,” he says. “So I try to give back in my professional and personal life both in terms of my approach to my practice and by doing volunteer work in my town.”

That’s why one of his favorite quotes is from Zig Zigler: “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.”

–Nicole Black

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