MyCase Payments:
The Benefits For Law Firms

payments_partIIWe’re excited to announce that MyCase now offers ACH Payments, a free service for all eligible customers. MyCase Payments makes it easy to accept online payments directly from client checking accounts (also known as eCheck, Automated Clearing House or ACH payments) through your MyCase account.

Last week we explained how ACH Payments work and this week we’re going to explore the many benefits it offers law firms. For starters, our new Payments feature is exclusively integrated with MyCase and supports both operating and trust bank accounts.

Because it was designed with the unique needs of lawyers in mind, it offers a number of benefits to our customers:

  • Accept echeck (ACH) payments for free–there is no additional cost to you
  • One-stop access to billing, invoicing, and payment processing, making it easier than ever for you to get paid
  • No third party is involved–MyCase provides the service and all customer support related to it
  • You’ll get paid faster since it’s so easy for your clients pay online, at their convenience, 24/7
  • It’s designed for lawyers, so you can rest easy knowing that it complies with trust account regulations.

If you’re ready to start accepting ACH payments from your clients and you’re a MyCase customer, it’s easy to get set up with MyCase ACH Payments today.

And don’t forget to check back next week to learn more about how using MyCase ACH Payments will lead to happier, more satisfied clients.

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